Friday, May 04, 2007

My Momma's Purse

I saw this on another blog and thought, "I've got to do it!!" It's earth-shattering, look out!! Yep, I must have hit an all-time blogging lull!! Something you've all ALWAYS wanted to know!! So here it is - my purse and it's contents!! (Oh yes, the best part??? When my boys said, "Why are you taking pictures of your purse?" I responded, "For the blog, of course!!!" THAT was worth every minute of this post!!!!)

My favorite invention ever - the KEY HOLDER!! The hand cleaner, Palm - CAN'T be without my calendar!!, Cell Phone, Clinique face powder (because a girl shouldn't glisten!!), Orbit - sweet mint (my favorite gum), and mints.....

The wallet and checkbook - now we can't leave home without them, can we?!?

Alright - here's where it gets messy - a girl's got to have options SO we've got gloss with mint (thanks to Sara!!), shimmer gloss with color, plain old chap stick and three Clinique favorites - plumper (yes, Stef, I wasn't kidding!!), my favorite gloss that you CAN'T buy anymore, and lipstick with moisturizer. Hmmm, now which one should I use?!?!?
Ibuprofen and Pepcid (we won't go there), Handcream, Contact re-wetting drops, and a trial size of Happy perfume - just in case I don't smell as well as I'd hoped!!
And lastly, the "bottom contents" - two first-aid necessities - band aids, a notepad for when I'm in the bookstore and have to write down titles for the library, two crayons to keep Chloe occupied in restaurants, shot records for the kids (I mean really, you all have those in your purse too, right?!?!), a CLEAN Kleenex - it's really NOT used, I promise, and three gum wrappers - good thing I did this - I needed to clean out my purse!! OK - now it's everyone else's turn!!! Let's see what's in your purses!!! (Oh, and steal my graphic if you want to play along!!!)


Beckyb said...

By the Way - MOM - you are excluded from this post - it would take you YEARS to show everything in your suitcase!!! :) Couldn't resist!!!!!

Mommy Spice said...

Well at least you're keeping us entertained. I ALWAYS have gum and lipstick.

Mr.Brian said...

Did you forget your tide pen for when you drop one of your many many tubes of lip stick right before your singing on the praise team in front of church?????
Lets see you've done that how many times now??
Better add super glue to the list to glue Mr. Brian's fingures together

Steffie B. said...

Too cute! I'll try and do this one tomorrow! ;) Is the plummper in case you meet Joe during the day?!?!?!?!? lol

Ed and Lisa said...

Hi Becky!

I love your blog!!! I didn't see an e-mail addy for you so I hope you don't mind me leaving you a comment.

For the Beijing Olympics Countdown I went to Clocklink.

Have a great weekend!
Lisa :)
Our Blog: Loving Gracie

Monica said...

How funny! I am usually purseless, myself, so, I guess I won't jump in on this meme! (I HAVE a purse, I just don't CARRY it with me. About twenty years ago I decided that if I didn't carry a purse, I wouldn't be forever LOSING my purse...leaving it behind in public places! So, now I use pockets! I haven't left my jeans pocket behind a single time in the last twenty years!)

As to the collages on my blog...I use The Print Shop (version 21). I love it!

BTW, never did thank you for your suggestion that I go to the source to ask about my cumulus link list problem. I took your advice and that is how I ended up unraveling the mystery of my problems! Thanks!

sara m. said...

oh Becky, Becky, Becky this is the greatest post EVER!!!! You are so funny! unfortunately I think I have you beat on the lip gloss. ;-)

Gma of 6 said...

WHEW!!! I am SO thankful you excluded me from this one -- you are right -- it would take FOREVER to show everything in my purse -- but I must say, I am always prepared for whatever comes my way!

Gma of 6


fabulous- i have the lip plumper also thanks to steff/emmie.

Carrie said...

I thought it was an interesting post. I should really start carrying the bandaids too, good idea! I also LOVE the Chinese LOVE character you had on your purse, what a mom!!!

Kristy said...

Oh my - I LOVE your purse! It is like, YUMMY!!
Love it, love it.
Okay, I'll stop.
What a fun post ;o) !

Colleen said...

Hee-hee!! That is a very funny post. All must have's!!

nikki said...

My purse is usually a mess.
I'm NOT showin' ya.

BTW Orbit Sweet Mint is my favorite too!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Wow you are brave to dig to the bottom of your bag. I think I would be too scared of what I might find.

Sally Bradley said...

We're purse sisters! I have the same one in brown!

Val said...

Hey, we're kinda twins. :o) I have a brown one like that...and I loved it so much I got the red one too. You carry bandaids, but I have pullups in mine. ppbbbtttt

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