Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am heading off to dreamland last night and I hear giggling. Our three boys share the basement bedrooms and we often hear talking - which I love. I love it that they are close - they enjoy being together - that is so special to me. But last night - I am hearing giggling. (Which I love too, by the way) But what really grabbed my attention is the different kinds of laughter - I have one that still laughs very much like a giggle - a high-pitched, fun laugh. I have another that is just bordering on leaving the high-pitched giggle behind and heading into the more "manly" laugh. And the last one is full-man laugh now. His laugh is deep - his voice is deep - you can see the changes almost daily. While I was smiling at their antics, I was also saddened - where does the time go?? I remember being told when I was pushing a double stroller with a toddler walking beside to not rush it - to enjoy every minute as it would go so fast. I didn't believe those well-meaning elderly ladies - I DO NOW - it goes WAY TOO fast. My tiny boys are turning into men before my eyes. And although that is the plan, this momma wants her babies back. I didn't enjoy them enough - I was too crazy busy. So now I'm trying to enjoy this time - I know it's the teen years, but you know what?? I'm liking it - it's a new stage - they are fun to talk with and laugh with - I do like it. I'll just sit back and try to enjoy it - it's going WAY TOO fast!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't Worry Bella

SO we are headed into the vet with our pup, Bella. Bella does not like car rides - probably our fault - she just doesn't do well in the van. She whines constantly, won't sit still, sits and shakes - you get the picture. Chloe and I loaded Bella up in the van and she is starting in on her VERY LOUD whining and I hear Chloe say, "Don't Worry Bella, God can be in two places at once."

It made me smile and I AM SURE it reassured Bella too.

Monday, February 23, 2009


I am so impressed with this kids' online browser that I must share! KidZui was developed by Scholastic and KidZui - they came up with this ingenious idea for a web browser. Once you sign your child up - you can have them help you make a Zui - an online character just for them. Then, once the parent approves the account - the searching begins. I love it because they tailor it to your child's age - so my 4 year old daughter has pictures that pop up like "Hello Kitty", "Carebears", etc. She can then click on those links and it will take you to that website. The kids earn more points by exploring - I think this will be a hit with my daughter! I am very impressed so far - it is a great way for kids to search AND parents to know where they are searching. The parent's page is wonderful! You can track where they have been, who their friends are, etc. I highly encourage you to check it out. You can download the free browser here:

By the way - if you download - PLEASE leave a comment and let me know what you think. IF we get the most comments on this promotion - we are all eligible for a PREMIUM membership for free!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

More Scrappin'

So - I'm not a pro yet, but I am enjoying this fun program!!Building pages like crazy over here - feeling like MAYBE I am working on getting caught up AND even considering holding a class on it - way too fun!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sometimes you just have to brag - BUT before you leave now - I must say - I'm not bragging on myself but on my VALENTINE! That guy is something. He surprised me this year for Valentine's Day - and told me he had tickets to the Symphony. What a treat - I enjoy going to the symphony, but it often isn't in the budget - and to be honest, it's not Joe's FIRST choice of a night out, so I knew this was VERY special! We headed out Friday night - did some shopping, ate out, and then headed for the big symphony - we found a parking spot - VERY CLOSE - which should have been our first clue something wasn't right! We walked up the theater and it was dark - yes, the sign said it was SATURDAY night - not Friday. I gave Joe a hard time the whole way home - what a guy won't do to go out with his wife TWO nights a row!

OF COURSE, we headed back Saturday night- and I must say - he SO outdid himself. This wasn't the symphony (well, kind of). The orchestra was "backing up" ARRIVAL - a group straight from Sweden that sings ABBA songs - oh my - I was just sitting there in my glory and had all I could do not to break out in song with them! That is THE CLOSEST I will ever be to a REAL ABBA concert and it was MARVELOUS!!! I am all for the class and sophistication of the symphony, but sometimes this is exactly what I'd rather do! Go listen to music from the 70's that makes me smile and takes me back! I love it - thank you, my favorite Valentine, for TWO fun nights out AND one amazing concert!!! It was ALMOST as good as the time with you! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I just had to make this a post so I can look back and remember this when Chloe is 16 and "bucking all the way."

Yesterday we are eating dinner and Chloe asks, "Mom what does related mean?" I answered, "Well, it's like you are in the same family." She sat there for a minute, SMILED her BIG Chloe-smile, hopped down from her chair and walked the two steps to mine, laid her head on my shoulder and gave me a GIANT hug and said, "I am so glad you got me in China - Thanks, Mom - now we're related."

That girl makes me smile!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Leaving Our Friends

We had such a great time with our friends - we hardly wanted to leave - I know, they were ready to push us out though!!! They provided us with such a wonderful weekend - we had a great time together. We are blessed with dear friends.

Our Chinese New Year celebration was such fun - this is just a taste of the fun...more to come!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not All Play

Ok, lest you think we are just PLAYING - we are also working - HARD at work - getting ready for the Iditarod!!!


See where we are this weekend???

Chloe and Mya (one of the families we travelled with to China) are having TOO much fun this weekend - oh yes, and Noah !!!! :)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad WEEK

For the past two days, I have been living with major frustration - ok, now I know some of you will think - "that's not so bad - you should try my life" but I do want to take a post to dispell the rumor that my life is always glamorous!!!  (I can hear the laughter now!!)  You see, it all started getting ready for the Superbowl Party - I was making a dip that required shredded swiss cheese - because of the frugal wife that I am, I thought I would shred some I had at home.  I put it in my wonderful food processor and clicked on the lid and started shredding.  Well, no one warned me that swiss might be a bit hard and could clog my machine - nope, I just stuck it in there - the lid shot off - even the blade almost shot out AND it broke my food processor.  Seems minor, I know, but NOT TO ME!  I LOVE that food processor - we got it as a wedding gift - and have lovingly sung its praises for the past 16 years.  In my state of grief, I turned to Joe (my rock in times like this) and said, "And I know we're a little tight right now so we probably can't even buy a new one."  To which he replied, "You are right - we will need to find a way to do without it."  *sigh*  It is at this point that the tears started - should I even admit that!?!?  Somedays are just bad, you know!?!?  So Kitchenaid - if you are reading this - I would be happy to try your NEW 7 cup food processor and blog about it's wonderful qualities!!  (You never know who may be reading!)

But that was not to be the end of the badness...Monday we go to get our taxes done - we have them figured by a professional - who are you kidding, we have to - I can hardly do 6th grade math somedays!!  So he tells us we OWE this year.  Ok, we kind of knew we might owe if our second adoption didn't go through this year, but I don't think we dreamed he meant owe as in ALMOST FOUR DIGITS!!!  Oh my - I'll admit it - when I found out, I sat down and cried. (I think by this time Joe is wondering if I am pregnant as those are about the only other times in my life when the tears were OUT OF CONTROL!!)  BUT, I think today, that my wheels are already turning, I mean really - look at THIS GUY - he owed TONS and didn't have to pay, and now he works for the president.  So I have started praying for that - a new job!  OR that the year of jubilee will be re-enacted and all will be fine - that is my new plan.  I like that law in the Old Testament - why can't we start it again today!?!?  And here my positive side is showing through - at least I got to use MY money for the last year - that's positive, isn't it!?!?

I'll be real honest on another front - I love being home with my kids - most of our days are very good together.  I enjoy teaching them school - they are fun to be with and USUALLY good workers, but yesterday was another story - no one wanted to work and then when they did get finished - they had so many corrections that we were doing school until 8 pm.  I did not do what every homeschool mom does at least ONCE every week, I did not threaten them with the old "I can put you in school" routine.  But I wasn't very gracious either, I did handle it well and so I had to apologize.  But I can do that, and they can see a REAL mom - one that fails often!

So - I wake up today - ready to take on another day, be more patient, be more loving and gracious, handle our struggles with more strength.  And as I sit and type this - I look over at the dog - dragging her bottom on the ground.  (I know TOO MUCH INFORMATION, but hey, it's real!)  I know she needs to go to the vet and have her anal glands aspirated again - I am thinking positively here - remember, it's a new day.  I smile - first of all, I know I won't have to do the cleaning out of those glands.  And secondly, I am glad I am not the poor dog that has to have it done as I'm sure it's not a pleasant process.  Then I wonder - is that comparable to hemorrhoids??  I suddenly have a whole new sympathy for the dog!  But it's a new day - the dog and I will keep our chins up and face it fresh!
When you are harvesting your crops and forget to bring in a bundle of grain from your field, don't go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigners, orphans and widows. Then the LORD your God will bless you in all you do.
~Deuteronomy 24:19

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