Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am heading off to dreamland last night and I hear giggling. Our three boys share the basement bedrooms and we often hear talking - which I love. I love it that they are close - they enjoy being together - that is so special to me. But last night - I am hearing giggling. (Which I love too, by the way) But what really grabbed my attention is the different kinds of laughter - I have one that still laughs very much like a giggle - a high-pitched, fun laugh. I have another that is just bordering on leaving the high-pitched giggle behind and heading into the more "manly" laugh. And the last one is full-man laugh now. His laugh is deep - his voice is deep - you can see the changes almost daily. While I was smiling at their antics, I was also saddened - where does the time go?? I remember being told when I was pushing a double stroller with a toddler walking beside to not rush it - to enjoy every minute as it would go so fast. I didn't believe those well-meaning elderly ladies - I DO NOW - it goes WAY TOO fast. My tiny boys are turning into men before my eyes. And although that is the plan, this momma wants her babies back. I didn't enjoy them enough - I was too crazy busy. So now I'm trying to enjoy this time - I know it's the teen years, but you know what?? I'm liking it - it's a new stage - they are fun to talk with and laugh with - I do like it. I'll just sit back and try to enjoy it - it's going WAY TOO fast!!


Anonymous said...

My dear Daughter -- it is like this ELDERLY lady told you several years ago, "TOMORROW --they are grown and gone!" I know -- I have been there!

Gma of 6

Mr.Brian said...

Great post.It is so true, life passes us by way to fast.what is sad is how we are often wishing it to go fast too..... I can't wait for the weekend... I wish this day would end....I can't wait til you have kids of your own....
enjoy the moment.

Anonymous said...

life dose go way to fast!!!

amber drilling

OH MY #6 said...

what a nice post. thank you, for making my day!


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