Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sometimes you just have to brag - BUT before you leave now - I must say - I'm not bragging on myself but on my VALENTINE! That guy is something. He surprised me this year for Valentine's Day - and told me he had tickets to the Symphony. What a treat - I enjoy going to the symphony, but it often isn't in the budget - and to be honest, it's not Joe's FIRST choice of a night out, so I knew this was VERY special! We headed out Friday night - did some shopping, ate out, and then headed for the big symphony - we found a parking spot - VERY CLOSE - which should have been our first clue something wasn't right! We walked up the theater and it was dark - yes, the sign said it was SATURDAY night - not Friday. I gave Joe a hard time the whole way home - what a guy won't do to go out with his wife TWO nights a row!

OF COURSE, we headed back Saturday night- and I must say - he SO outdid himself. This wasn't the symphony (well, kind of). The orchestra was "backing up" ARRIVAL - a group straight from Sweden that sings ABBA songs - oh my - I was just sitting there in my glory and had all I could do not to break out in song with them! That is THE CLOSEST I will ever be to a REAL ABBA concert and it was MARVELOUS!!! I am all for the class and sophistication of the symphony, but sometimes this is exactly what I'd rather do! Go listen to music from the 70's that makes me smile and takes me back! I love it - thank you, my favorite Valentine, for TWO fun nights out AND one amazing concert!!! It was ALMOST as good as the time with you! :)


Amy A. said...

I bet you felt just like a dancing queen! Such fun!

OH MY #6 said...

I am sure you are so deserving.


Mr.Brian said...

A date two nights in a row??? Sounds serious to me.You best keep him around for a while.
So did you get to eat out 2 nights in a row as well???

holly m. said...

Wow, Becky! A progressive date! How fun!:)

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