Sunday, January 07, 2007

Penalty Box

It's bound to happen - it IS hockey, you know. But in the past week one of our boys was the first ever Bilby to be put in the penalty box during a game - vote on who you think it is.... (just click above in the box to vote.) Also - disclaimer here - the coaches agreed it was probably just an accident and NO - we did not punish him!!! But we didn't cheer him on either - sometimes penalties have their place but we don't want to ENCOURAGE it - we are nice Bilby's you know!!! :)


nikki said...

OK, I placed my vote, but I'm sure whoever did it, did it on ACCIDENT.
However, it IS hockey, not figure-skating, right?!?
Makes for an exciting weekend anyway.

Jen said...

I feel badly because I don't really know any of your boys well enough to make an educated guess. That said, I am going by what I know would be the case in our home. There's something about that 2nd child--in our house anyway!! :-) Sorry Caleb!

Mr.Brian said...

I've been kicking myself because he told me in church and I cannot for sure remember what boy told me.
I gave him a high five and said way to go. He looked at me and said no!!! that is not a good thing. I tripped a kid by accident.
Guess you are right he is a good Bilby.
By the way when do the pools close???

Beckyb said...

Mr. Brian - do you mean "Polls" or "Pools" because the pool is already closed now for the winter!!!! :) The poll stays Open, I think until I make a new one or close it - but I'll leave it open for awhile!!! You guys are all such good sports - and I realize some of you don't even know them!!

Mr.Brian said...

How many times may I vote and do I win a prize if I guess right?I should get a time out in the penalty box for telling him good job.
Obviously his parents taught him well, he told me it is not good.
That is why I only have a dog!!!!

Beckyb said...

It's ok Mr. Brian - Kari gave him a high five - she was proud!!! :)

Steffie B. said...

My vote is for Caleb! Don't ask me why...maybe it's the middle child thing. Although.....sometimes the youngest can be the most feisty! Hmmmmmm.....I think I' stick with Caleb! ;)

nikki said...

OK Becky, you have been tagged. See my blog!

Emmie said...

Well, are you gonna tell us the details, who, when, why ? :) I don't really know about any of your sons personalities but I just guessed Caleb since he's the middle child! :) LOL

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