Thursday, January 11, 2007


I was tagged about a week ago - that's horrible isn't it??!!? Just now getting to it, but here it is....
Available or Taken - Definitely Taken
Best Friend - My husband -who else knows all my "badness" and still loves me?!?!?
Cake or Pie - Cake - with no frosting -
Drink of Choice - Duh - COFFEE!!!
Essential Item I use Everyday - WASHING MACHINE!!! :) Love that invention!
Favorite Color - Blue
Gummy Bears or Worms - DEFINITELY NEITHER!!!!
Hometown - Cedar Falls
Indulgence - Getting my hair highlighted once a year!
January or February - LOVE JANUARY - it's winter you know!!
Kids' Names - Micah, Caleb, Aaron and Chloe
Life Incomplete Without - A Savior and my family oh yeah, and BOOKS!!!
Marriage - December 29, 1992
Number of Siblings - One~Denise, my sister
Oranges or Apples - Apples but they must be Braeburns or Honey Crisp
Phobias or Fears - Claustrophobia
Quiet Evening or Night on the Town - Quiet Evening - LOVE THAT!!
Reason to Smile - I have been blessed with four healthy kids that keep me laughing!!
Season - WINTER!!!! (Bet you'd have never guessed!!)
Tag 3 people - Whoever wants to be tagged!
Unknown fact about me - I wanted to be a mortician.
Veggie I don't Like - Lima Beans (I just figured that out!!)
Worst Habit - Worrying
Xrays - ugh, too many to count!
Zodiac - Oh gosh, I always have to look it up - I think Sagittarius - but not sure!
There Emmie - I did it!!!! :)


nikki said...

I was wondering if you were going to do your ABC's! I always love reading more about you and it makes me feel good that not much of it was a surprise -- means I kinda know ya! (The mortician thing I did NOT know)
Love ya and hope you are feeling better today.
Still tired?

Steffie B. said...

A mortician??????????? You have got to be kidding me?!?!?!? You never cease to amaze me! Weirdo! lol

Steffie B. said...

Oh yes.... love the added blinkies!

Verna said...

Have to agree with stef and nikki-a mortician!!?? Well, we have all got our interesting facts. Love'd your answers.

Beckyb said...

Girls - don't laugh - morticians make a lot of money - maybe I should have done it!!! :)LOL!! AND I could have talked on and on and no one would have had to listen - ideal!!!!

Steffie B. said...

YUCK YUCK YUCK! That's all I have to say! lol

Colleen said...

Kinda funny how the ABC tag changes a little bit along the way huh? I forgot coffee was one of my fav's too! So silly.

Mr.Brian said...

I must say being a mortician is a great job.You customers NEVER talk back to you!!And they never come back for returns.
See you should have done it Becky.

Emmie said...

I learned some new little facts about you! Interesting- I might add! :) Thanks for playing along!

gwen said...

oh my gosh... we have to same annv.. scott and i were married dec.29, 1990 ... got to tattoo to celebrate this year ...


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