Sunday, January 14, 2007

Catching Up.....

This is me today - lovin' that snow!!!! It's been snowing all day and is still coming - can you hear me cheering over here?!?!? I just love this stuff. I've heard we are HOPING FOR (ok, I'm hoping for) the 6 inches the weatherman said (which I actually think we already have) and the high winds - 25-30 mph - one can only hope, right?!? And it's not for a snow day either - my poor kids don't know what those are!!! "Mean Mom", I hear you all saying, but don't worry - we take other days off and they never complain!!

I wanted to give an update on the heart issue as well. I rescheduled the tests I had cancelled after I talked to a few people. Friday I got all the results back and the blood work, EKG, and chest xray looked very normal - so all that worry for nothing! Actually - I am VERY thankful to all of you that emailed me or forwarded me emails from others - I really may have done nothing unless I had heard from all of you. So, at this point, I am planning to do nothing more unless it happens again - then my doctor says he has some more tests to run - so here's to hoping I am done with all of that.

Well - it's off to do some hockey laundry - gotta get ready for another week! The boys did great yesterday- our oldest son's team took first in the tournament and our middle son's team took second - hey, not bad for being the "new guys". It was a fun day but that is literally all we got done - hockey, hockey and more hockey!!


Mr.Brian said...

First off thank goodness for the good health report and thank you for doing it to keep all of us worrie warts happy.
Second I knew you would be thrilled about the snow.I thought as I went home from work today I heard some lady sing out sideabout "LET it Snow!!!!" Was that you?
Glad hockey went well yesterday. Iwish I would have been able to catcha few games. Let me know when they play again, I would enjoy watching.
(Hey if I go to a piano recital and live through it I sure can handle Hocky!!!!:)But I enjoyed the piano recital too.

Steffie B. said...

So glad you are fine and that you are getting the snow you love so much! We'll talk this week I'm sure!


Anonymous said...

Glad everything is ok. I would rather have your snow than the freezing rain we are getting. Again I am soglad you are ok. Love MV

nikki said...

Glad you had some more tests-better to be safe, right? So glad they came back normal, phew!!!

Also, glad your boys did well at their tournaments. High fives.

And, woo hoo for you and your freezing cold weather and SNOW...
it is supposed to get cold here too now, but I am NOT doing the happy dance. Oh well.
Love you!

Emmie said...

Very glad you are healthy and doing well! We were all very worried.
Also, like I said to Mr. Brian, glad you are all having fun with the snow over ther in Iowa. I sure all of your kids love it! We have a little snow here and are supposed to get more tonight and tomorrow.
Lastly, congrats to both of your sons on their hockey skills! Glad they did well and you all had fun! Have a good week and stay warm! :)

Katherine@Raising Five said...

So glad you are doing well! That's awesome!

It's been in the 30s the last few days here (in TX) and we are all MISERABLE! We only got ice and freezing rain - now if it were snow, we'd get out the snow pants and gear. But for this? We just won't go out ("my car won't start," isn't that what the californians say?)!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I was catching up on your blog didn't read THIS post until AFTER I had already commented on your post from a few days earlier. That will teach me to comment before I finish reading EVERYTHING!

I am glad to hear all your tests came out normal! When it comes to chest pain, it is never a good idea just to ignore it. Better to have all your tests come out normal than NOT to have tested and missed something significant.

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~Deuteronomy 24:19

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