Monday, January 08, 2007

It's Aaron!!!

The First Ever Bilby to get in the Penalty Box was our youngest - Aaron. Poor kid - he even said he was shaking he was so scared we were going to be mad at him!! We had to laugh - it is part of the game ~ we just don't try to encourage them to make penalties if they don't have to as it does hurt the team. AND - according to the ref (whom we know) and the coaches - it really could have not been a penalty - he was called for tripping as he was going for the puck and it was between a players feet but the player was already going down - kind of a tricky one but we just had to document it - the First Ever Bilby Penalty!!! A friend took pics of him in the box but she hasn't sent those to me yet- I'll post them when I get them - Aaron in "hockey timeout!!!" And yes, Caleb and Micah are laughing at how many people voted for Caleb - he is Mr. Docile and Micah is EVEN MORE SO - so we all knew it would be Aaron!!!! (Our go-getter!!!)


Anonymous said...

I was right, just knew it was Aaron. He is the go getter in your bunch. MV

Emmie said...

LOL! I get in trouble all the time in soccer! It's not like I try I'm just really aggressive- it's just part of the game! Poor thing, he really was scared! Well, I'm sure that's something you'll all think back and laugh about! :)

Mr.Brian said...

Guess it shows I do not pay attetion to who sits next to me in church.But yes now that you say it,Aaron does make sense he claims to always be the naughty boy.

Gma of 6 said...

I say that is a very handsome
hockey player -- and he doesn't even look like anyone who would ever get a penalty!! In fact,
isn't that a medal I see hanging
from his arm???? Good job,

Gma of 6

nikki said...

I was wrong! I went with the middle boy theory -- oh well. All your boys seem so sweet. I wish I could meet them.

Valeri said...

Hi there!

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Verna said...

I was Right!! THat's one fine looking hockey player!! I just can't figure out how you keep it all together with 3 of them in hockey. Has Joe cloned you so that you can be in multiple places???

Beckyb said...

Now there's an idea Verna - I NEED a clone!!! Sometimes, to be honest, I'm not sure I'm keeping it all together very well at all!!! AND I'm sick of hockey - and it's only January?!?!?!?

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