Friday, January 26, 2007

Favorite Photo Friday

Here's my favorite funny one:

Here are two of our new rooms - after I took the pics I realized their idea of neat and my idea of neat may not be the same!!! So - disregard the sloppy beds!!! Oh, and no decor yet - this is after only one night down!!


Melissa said...

It looks great and Joe did this all himself! A man who can remodel and fix up house thats a keeper! I bet the boys are thrilled to have all that room! I'm jealous can't wait till we have a basement again! I was hoping you would post pics.


Steffie B. said...

Looks fun for the boys!

Verna said...

Please tell Joe the rooms look great and SO big. The boys must be thrilled. Our Joe was very happy to get his room done when we moved here. Lovin' it. So cool!

MKBookWorks said...

Thanks for the kind words! btw - Our Empress's actual name may be quit epleasing to your ears... LOL

I love you new rooms - and they are quite neat under the circumstances... love the photo of your precious princess!

Mom to one Empress.. was really hoping for another.

Jen said...

ooohhh, that's the loveliest egress window I've ever seen! And that room looks neat to me! congratulations!

Anonymous said...

I Remember what those rooms looked like. Joe did a wonderful job. Chloe is so cute, she is really growing up. Love MomV

nikki said...

Love the pic of Chloe, but I love ALL pics of Chloe -- she is such a complete doll.

The boys' room in the basement looks so wonderful...Joe did such a good job.

Emmie said...

Love the picture of Princess Chole-very cute as always! :)
It's awesome that the boys' rooms are done and they look great too!! Don't worry, I don't think my mom and I have the same meaning of clean either, it must just be a kid thing! :)

Mr.Brian said...

I as always love the picture of Chloe, she is such a ham for the camera.
Tell Joe he did a great job on the room.He is a regular Bob Villa.
And I think it looks just fine the way the boys made the beds, it is better then nothing at all mom.As Sophie would say... chill out mom!!!!LOLOLOL

a&mg said...

Super cute photo, and the remodeling looks great!!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Wow, let him go to Menards if that is what he can do! The rooms are fabulous darling. I want a basement....maybe I will try E-bay.

Chloe's picture.....priceless.

Anonymous said...

What a really cool bedroom for your growing guys! Couldn't help but notice the well-stocked book case!


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