Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Joe really thought I should do this poll since you all had so much fun with our last poll. SO - today's poll is "What is a Bilby?" It is something real - besides us - of course we enjoy this little-known fact!!!

You know what they say - if you use your brain you can reduce your risk of Alzheimer's - you'll thank me later!!!


Verna said...

I suspect it is the knob on the head since many bilbies play hockey and do remodeling projects.

Actually, I cheated and did a search. I won't spoil it but here's a hint: It's nose looks a bit like my son Joe's did on my yesterday post.

Beckyb said...

You are too smart Verna - using the internet like that - I should have said "Closed Book Test" - no cheating!!! :)

nikki said...

I cheated too - couldn't help myself. BTW, can I now call you "pinkie" or "rabbit eared bandicoot"?
They are kinda cute little things.

Mr.Brian said...

I was good and did not cheat,however you may not approve of my answer. It is a good one since you did have it for a final choice.How many of you really wanted to pick that answer????

Emmie said...

You are so funny with all of your polls! I had no clue so just chose the last one. ??? lol! fun fun!

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