Wednesday, October 18, 2006


We woke up to snow this morning - ok, they promised 4 inches - we maybe had less than one but I'll take it!! I am a snow freak so we partied over here. Chloe was thrilled too when her brothers pointed it out to her - she said, "No, No" - that didn't mean No like we know it - that is "snow" with the "S" left off!!! She kept running to the windows to see the "no"!!

AND - the other good news - we got our fingerprinting appointment - it is next week - and we are just glad it all got worked out. It seems to be taking forever to us but we were reminded again how important it is for us to do this. We have been having to attend weekly meetings through Bethany, our adoption agency. These meetings are something new they've started - we didn't have to do them last time - but they are so good - we are learning a lot. Anyway - last night's was about orphanage conditions, etc. and they showed a short video of the babies in China. Again - I was reminded of how Chloe spent the first 9 months of her life - no one to pick her up and rock her, sleeping with two or three other little ones in a bed, bottles propped up on blankets to feed them, barely ever leaving the cribs, no baths, etc., etc. I was in tears as I watched it - I know, I've been over and over it in my head many times and it had to happen before we could ever get her, but I am so sad that little ones have to live like that. And yet, I do think that most of the orphanages are doing all they can. Really - who could take the time to rock, hold, feed, etc. literally hundreds of babies?? It just makes me so thankful God has allowed us to help one more little one - they need arms to hold them and the blessings we get in return are immeasurable!!


Jen said...

Snow??? That's not fair! It was 75 here today! I want some snow!! I'm heading to Chicago next week, maybe then!

Stefanie said...

You brought tears to my eyes once again! That's what I keep telling myself as well. We need to go back again too. I'm hoping maybe when Daniel is 1 I'll start the chase or be ready to be DTC. I'm watching the time line carefully! Hopefully, David will feel the same way and not too old! LOL Emmie made it clear to David that it doesn't really matter how old we are because we are givng a little girl a life. I couldn't agree more! :)

Verna said...

Hallelujah and Amen!!

Jenny said...

AWWW, see? Now ya make me all dang weepy. ANd how fun!! SNOW!!

When you are harvesting your crops and forget to bring in a bundle of grain from your field, don't go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigners, orphans and widows. Then the LORD your God will bless you in all you do.
~Deuteronomy 24:19

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