Thursday, October 05, 2006


We knew it had to happen at some point - our children would have to do a fundraiser!! Being homeschoolers, we don't usuallly have to worry about those, but being in a growing Hockey program - now we do! So - I am going to throw this out there - maybe many of you already order from a Schwan's man - maybe you don't usually (like us) - either way - ANYONE can go online and order and then that order is delivered right to your door and the Bilby's get the credit! What a deal, huh?!?!? We are hoping someone thinks it is otherwise we have to come up with $200 in Schwan's orders in two weeks - hmmmm - ice cream bars?!?!? Not a bad thought!!

I'll explain it so if anyone is interested you will know what to do:
From Oct. 5 to Oct. 19 you can go online to and place an order. You do need to enter campaign number 1002285 for the Sioux Center Tornadoes Association. Then - all you do is shop, pay by credit card, and anywhere in the U.S. - Schwans will deliver to your door. (Now, if only they cooked it too!!!) One more thing.......if you feel so led and you do want to order - we just need a quick email telling us that you ordered and the approximate amount of your order. We only need this because if we don't sell $200 by the 19th - we have to order that amount ourselves by that date.

NO PRESSURE ANYONE - just throwing it out there in case you enjoy Schwans and want a reason to order some yummy morsels!! If not - no problem, you can just be thankful your kids aren't in hockey!!! :)

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