Monday, October 30, 2006

Conversational Chloe

For all of those well-meaning people that catch me in the mall, at Wal Mart, etc. and ask me how Chloe's English is coming along (which always makes me chuckle) here are some tidbits to show you she is JUST FINE...... (sometimes we wish she didn't know as much as she does!!! It's not quiet at our house.)

Instance #1 - Yesterday I asked Chloe to do something - pick up toys or something - and she looked at me - held up her pointer finger and said, "Five minutes, Mom." (This from my two year old!!)

Instance #2 - I asked her today why she was standing on her chair - she looked down (because she was standing on the chair) and said, "Cuz I watching Elmo." Anyone could see that the tv was on in the other room and Elmo was on - and she couldn't see unless she was standing up - Duh, Mom!!

Instance #3 - She came to me yesterday and asked for two M&M's - I looked at her "chocolate mouth" and asked her if she had already had M&M's - she looked up at me (with her puppy eyes - as the boys call them - you know, the ones you can't say No to!!) and said, "Uh, huh Mommy - two M&M's now too??" (Hey, I give her credit for honesty!!!)

Instance #4 - (Got to be the cutest but also the most irritating.......) Wherever I am, whatever I am doing, Chloe constantly asks, "What doing Mommy?" I am trying to remember how long this question phase lasts - FOREVER???? But I must admit - it is cute seeing her try to make conversation - yes, God definately put her in the right family - we like to talk. (Bring back any memories, Mom???)


Christi said...

Your daughter is sooooooooo beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Memories??? Oh my! I could
write a book ---- need I
say more????

Gma of 6

Anonymous said...

Hey, Becky...
How do you get your side-bar link list to show which blogs have been recently updated? That is too cool. I would like to do it with my blog side-bar (would also save me time clicking on needlessly to blogs that haven't changed since I last checked in).

I loved reading the quotes from Chloe! Made me a wistful, as my own youngest is beginning to grow out of the adorably cute phrases stage.

You should regularly document all the hilarious observations/statements/questions that Chloe voices... At the time you think you will never forget them, but you DO if they aren't preserved in writing. Besides that, the rest of us love getting to read them!


Jenny said...

Oh my goodness! We need to get these two Sweet Peas in a pod together. Chloe sound so much like Katie Mei. I just love her- without even meeting her. Come to Ca and visit!!!

Anonymous said...

Chloe is by far way to smart for her own good.As she showed me yesterday when I gave you a compliment. That was priceless.
Mr. Brian

Stefanie said...

I get the same comments regarding Sophia. She is talking a mile a minute and they ask how she's doing? I say "hello?".....can't you hear? lol

Stephanie said...

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Karen F. said...

This story just cracked us up! It always makes us smile when someone asks us if Katie Mei understands English!
I always say she understands every word we say, except, "no!" :)

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