Wednesday, October 04, 2006

New Book Blog

What can I say - it's chilly (finally after 80+ degrees for three days!!) and overcast and school is wrapping up for the day so I built a new blog! Before you think I'm bored over here - I'M NOT!!! Just took a minute and started this new blog, called In The Pages . I did it so that when people ask me what's good to read - I have a place to send them - this is probably my most-asked question at the library - besides "Where's the bathroom?". So - I started this blog so keep track of what I am reading and post notes about the books. I buy books for our library for almost all of the ages represented so I will try to keep the books in categories (children's, teen, adult).

My only disclaimer is that I may say I'm reading a book but that may not necessarily mean it's totally free of any offensive material - I hate to even say it - I try to read only "clean" stuff, but that is a challenge these days! Sad, but true. So I'll try to make a note of really offensive stuff - other than that - I will say in advance, I am sorry for any "crummy" stuff - it's just so hard to find even Jr. High and Teen stuff without any offensive material in it - that's my commentary on our society!!

I'll sign off with my cup of pumpkin spice coffee (stop by, I have plenty!!) and a few pictures I took today - I was really in that "Fall" mood!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The pictures are lovely!
I'm looking forward to reading through your book reviews.

Last thought:
You were so smart to take photos of Chloe's first hair cut! I never thought to bring my camera along to the beauty shop the first time (or any time!) my girls got their hair cut. Wish I would have!


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