Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Chloe Moments

Just had to share two "Chloe Moments" -

This morning around 6AM (Yes, I said AM - sorry all -that's early for me!!) Chloe comes popping into our bedroom and comes to my side of the bed and whispers, "Mommy - I'm awake." I pull her up into bed with me hoping for just few more moments of sleep and she continues, "I busy, Mommy." That would be an understatement!!! Guess she's so busy she needed an early jump this morning!!!

Last week - we were hard at school and Chloe came up to me and said, "Mommy - Need Chocolate!!!" We laughed and laughed at her - she is such a chocolate lover ("chocolate tree" to her, thanks to Dora) and I really have to laugh because I really don't even enjoy chocolate! My little Chocolate Freak!!


Anonymous said...

I am gald to hear Chloe had you up early today.That way you do get to see the sun rise.(what direction does it rise in you end of town?)LOLOl
I knew there was a reason I love her so much she needs chocolate too to survive.Everyone needs a little chocolate.
Mr. Brian

Jenny said...

I love it. We are an early morning family here too. : )

Sophia said...

Hey Chloe.....I totally understand your chocolate craving......Although I prefer spicy potato chips myself.....I know how you feel! My Mom gives me anything....bet yours does too!
We are sooooooo lucky!
Miss you...

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