Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dad At Work

As a disclaimer - - this is NOT Becky - Joe is blogging today..... ENJOY!!!

Okay, so I am not the blogger, but I thought I had better be the one to tell this story since it is indeed my story. This is for all the adoption dads.

For all of you out there that think there are no labor pains in adoption -- it is not true. The labor pains are simply moved from the adoptive mother to the adoptive father and the following pictures are proof.

My labor story….

It started early on a cold, October, Saturday morning. I awoke feeling that something just wasn’t right. There was almost a sense of foreboding in the air as we all started the day. I had been preparing for this day a long time. I had taken the classes and even researched on the internet all the necessary information I would need to create an opening in the wall of our basement.

I knew that in order to get the egress window installed there would have to be opening where no natural hole had been before. Things started out pretty easily but after a few shovels full I knew it was going to get worse. With each heaping shovelful the pains started to creep up my lower back. I wanted an epidural but was told that Bengay would have to work. After opening up one centimeter, I mean one foot, things were not looking so good. It was slow progress from one to two but with perseverance I knew it would eventually come. Centimeters, I mean, feet 3 and 4 seemed to last for hours but there was an eventual breakthrough and I had finally reached foot number 5 only to find out that it wasn’t real labor after all only Braxton Hicks.

I guess this was just a practice run. We will keep you informed as the birthing process continues.

Ok - Becky's back here now - I have to say Joe has worked extremely hard - always does - he is NOT a slacker!!! However - ask him how much paperwork he's done ?!?!? I know what he'll say - that's not HARD LABOR - OK, he's right!! :)


Anonymous said...

You two need to become comedy writters.Very entertaining.
Joe where was Becky when all this work was being done??????

Beckyb said...

Mr. Brian - I was BUSY - I was taking boys (and Chloe to keep her out of Joe's hair) back and forth from piano contest practice, etc., etc.)!!! Now remember that post where I helped haul rocks when it was over 100 degrees out?!?!? See, I try to help sometimes!!!

Anonymous said...

Thats right, I've forgotten how he made you work that day.. and the time you tearfully were asking to help paint and he would not allow it.I am sorry for asking of your where abouts.
And was he out getting you coffee this morning?????????????? Nooooooo you were out EARLY getting it yourself.
Excuse me why I go think before I accuse you of slacking off...
I( I just love these bloogs.
Mr. Brian

Beckyb said...

And, may I point out - I got HIM coffe this morning as well AND (hold on to your hats folks) I am making SUPPER as we speak (or type)!!! So - I am "laboring" away as well!!!

Verna said...

Hey you two,
This whole thing is just a hoax. Someone else came over and dug that hole and Joe jumped in, grabbed a shovel and tried to look like he was slaving away. How do I know? Because in the last picture, Joe's pants don't have even a spec of mud on them. Highly suspicious. ;)

Beckyb said...

I'm with you Verna, but his sore back tells otherwise!!! :)

Stefanie said...

I totally agree with Verna.....those jeans are just way too clean for digging in the dirt for hours. :)'s your story, so you can tell it however you'd like! lol

Anonymous said...

Am I the only confused reader? Why do you need to have a door in your basement wall?

Just curious!

Beckyb said...

Monica - it's for an egress window - sorry, not a door - that would be strange!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! ...and you need an egress window because...? (Is it that you are making a new bedroom in the basement and have to have a way of escape via window due to building codes...something like that, probably?)

(I am really SLOW at times!)

(Also, I tried to find the blogrolling option you mentioned on my blog in response to my query...but, I couldn't find any such option. Then I looked at your blog more closely and I think maybe we are using different systems. I am working with beta blogger. Somehow, I think maybe the update notification isn't a feature available in beta blogger from blogspot. Thank you, though!)


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