Monday, October 09, 2006

New Trend

We're trying it - we'll see how it goes - how do you like it?? The latest in painting your house! It's a textured look - you can only accomplish this look by: 1) being very busy and getting a few hours in each Saturday and 2) not worrying about what the whole neighborhood thinks!!
I don't know - it doesn't seem to be "catching on" around us yet - but hey, new trends take time!! Between hockey and painting, this is what Joe spends his Saturdays doing lately. Now, if only his wife knew how to paint and could help him. Well - I would be willing to try but Joe is somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to painting (to put it mildly) oh yes, and when it comes to Christmas Trees (this is the man that lets his children decorate the three and then, when they are in bed, moves all of the decorations around again so it looks more symmetrical!) Hey, he's right - it does look better when he's done!! Oh, and so you don't feel too badly for our kids - they have their own trees now in their rooms that they decorate and Dad doesn't touch!! All are happy!!


Anonymous said...

Good one Becky. Just so all your friends is true, Becky was outside but Joe prefered she not paint. I could see how badly she felt. But being the good wife she was she just smiled got the camera and said I guess I've got more to blog about.
Becky if you really want to paint, you may paint at my house.
Mr. Brian
Any others want her help?????

Beckyb said...

Thank you for vouching for me - hey, maybe I'll fill my spare time with painting jobs - but I'll need a cool wardrobe like Joe's!!!

Stefanie said...

You are hilarious! I was laughing so hard reading this! Now.....I want to see before and after pictures of the family Christmas tree this year as well! Maybe Joe needs his own tree in his bedroom too! LOL

Verna said...

Don't feel bad. I am not allowed to paint either. I just am not careful enough. I'm much better at tearing things apart than painting and building and such. Love the Christmas tree thing. Keep the funny stories coming.

Anonymous said...

Your poor husband needs SIDING!...though I rather like the speckled look you have going there!


Anonymous said...

Becky I am so sorry for raising Joe to such a perfectionest. It all started with my dad. I guess after your story about the Christmas Tree I should have let him decorate when he was young. But like my son it had to be perfect. Love mom

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