Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Prayer Warriors

Well - I am coming to my Blog Readers with a prayer request - we had actually hoped to have all of our papers to China by now, but for some reason - that we don't understand - we are still waiting on fingerprints - all of our papers are ready to send to China, except Joe and I both need to be fingerprinted and then get clearance from the U.S. gov't to bring another child here to the U.S. All of that can take up to a month or more, and I have had our papers in to our Gov't here for over a month now. I did not want to pressure anyone because I know they are busy but just last week I decided to email the gal in charge of that office and ask what was up - well - here's the story.......

Our papers were mailed to Omaha (as our social worker told us) and we found out they should have been mailed to Des Moines SO - Omaha says they forwarded them on to Des Moines. Des Moines does not have them - Omaha has no idea when they were mailed - - - you get the picture. So - our almost $800 check is lost in the gov't system somewhere and our papers (and if you've adopted you know the paperwork involved!!) are also lost. We also have our homestudy lost as well - as Des Moines has not received that either. I emailed today to Des Moines to ask if we should re-send everything or keep waiting - meanwhile time is ticking by and we had hoped to have everything to China by AUGUST!!!! (Yes, that was a month ago!!)

Deep Breath - God is totally in control - I AM NOT!! He has a reason and I need to accept that. It just wasn't the plan - it's a lot of work lost - and I'm frustrated, bummed - you name it. But, I will keep my head up - I have four great children here at home with me - I am plenty busy :) - God's timing is perfect! We also firmly believe He called us to do this again so He has a big plan that we just need to fall in line with that plan.

All of this - to ask for you to pray - God could work a big miracle tonight and those papers could show up on the gal's desk tomorrow! God used our last adoption to show me how BIG He really is - I mean that - He moved MOUNTAINS for us! I know He will do it again - and I will be right here to share that with all of you!! We have a big God and he loves our little one in China (she's probably not even born yet) and He has His hand on this whole situation. Thanks for praying with us! Now we'll just sit back and watch Him work!!


Anonymous said...

You got it girl. I will add this to my prayer list.
For some reason it keeps getting bigger this week.
Just remember all your family friends blogger buddies and church family will be praying for you. Lets see the Devil win this battle. GOD WILL PREVAIL ON THIS ONE FRIEND!!!!!!!
Keep us updated please.
Mr. Brian

dublin said...

I'm sorry to hear about this frustrating development. You are right, though, God is completely in control. His timing is perfect. Maybe your paperwork is getting snarled because YOUR little one won't be in the system to be assigned as soon as your paperwork would have otherwised wound its way through the sytem. Or for a reason that may never be known in this life.

Praying for you (and praying that you won't be discouraged),

Anonymous said...

We're on it. I know how frustrating it all can be. Hang in there. God has already matched you with your next child. The rest is just a formality. Chin up. We are continually amazed at what God does. He is faithful to complete the good work he has started in you.
Hugs (& chocolate)

Jenny said...

Becky...you can be sure that I am praying for you and your family... Mei-Mei is in our prayers!!!(and the UCSIS to get on the ball with fingerprints!)

Sandra said...

Sorry to hear this Becky, how frustrating this must all be.

I'm confused, I could have sworn I left you a reply to this already and it's not showing up....oh well.

Anyway, will be praying for you guys :)

When you are harvesting your crops and forget to bring in a bundle of grain from your field, don't go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigners, orphans and widows. Then the LORD your God will bless you in all you do.
~Deuteronomy 24:19

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