Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Is Your House Quiet???

Just in case your house is quiet - you need some of my noise!! So here it is....

If it's not the sound of instruments - and yes, Chloe thinks she is a concert jembe player!!!
It's constant questions from three very talkative boys and NOW (remind me why we wanted her to learn to talk!!!) we have a little girl that doesn't stop talking either. Her favorite question is, "Chloe have a snack?" To which I usually say, "No - it's almost lunch, dinner, etc." I told her that today and she dropped the granola bar back in the box and stalked away with an "Oh Shoot!!"

Ok - so I admit it - I LOVE my noise!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks becky,
I needed a good laugh today.Chloe has become quite the little ??? shall I say pistal.There can never be a dull moment at your house.
Keep it up Chloe, keep momma on her toes.
Mr. Brian

Beckyb said...

Mr. Brian - now you are letting out our secrets - a "pistol", huh?!?!? :) I prefer "spicy"!!!


Stefanie said...

I can relate to that kind of noise! And although I love "my noise" as well......I am sooooo thankful when it is NAP TIME! ;)

Anonymous said...

bahahah, I love it!!! It is like that here too. I love nap time too!! : )

Anonymous said...

Oh, that was from me, Jenny : )

Sandra said...

LOL that was house is not quiet at all.

BTW, I haven't received any emails, can you resend them?

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