Friday, September 22, 2006

My Two Year Old

Well - I must begin by saying that everyone needs a two year old - PERMANENTLY!!! It keeps you on the edge of your seat! I had to share today's story of living with my two year old.

We had not had a very good day - the boys were not doing well with school (don't tell - homeschoolers aren't supposed to admit that!!!) and I was feeling very near the end of my rope (I don't think Homeschool Mom's are supposed to admit that either!!) SO I decided to bring Chloe up, read her a book, and sing and get ready for her nap. We were in the middle of Dora when the boys came up and asked if they could play the computer - I promptly put down my book and began (in a very not-happy-motherly-tone) to explain why they weren't playing any computers today (and maybe never again!!!) until their work was better. Not even halfway through my tirade, I am looking at them and they are all trying hard not to laugh. NOW - that is NOT funny to a mom that is VERY ANGRY - and I could tell they were trying very hard not to laugh - and that's when I looked down - Chloe was facing them sitting in my lap - and she was shaking her finger at them and moving her lips and shaking her head up and down and back and forth like she was really reaming into them.
OK - I have to admit - that did it - I was also laughing - AND after this day, I needed a good laugh - -

See why I think everyone needs a two-year-old?!?!?!

(This picture is an older one of Chloe - but it sure does give you a great idea of her " mad motherly face"!!!)


Anonymous said...

I can just picture that. Too funny.

Stefanie said...

What a clown! :)

jenny said...

I LOVE IT!!! Chloe girl, you are awesome!!

Anonymous said...

Chloe, way to keep your mom on her toes. Keep up the good work.
Mr. Brian

dublin said...

Oh, Chloe is at such a fun age! What a treasure you have in her!

Oh, and just as an aside, I don't think there is a homeschooling Mom out there that hasn't had PLENTY of really awful days. We just get amnesic about it once things get on a better note again! (Did I spell "amnesic" correctly? Probably not!)

Anyway, thanks for sharing this story! It put a grin on my face!


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