Monday, September 04, 2006

Photos from our Week Away

Can you tell that we did enjoy our time at my Dad and Mom's?? It was not the plan but we tried to make the best of it!! We enjoyed seeing family and spending time together - the kids had a blast.

Our cousins from Washington/Oregon!!

Loving on Grandpa and Grandpa (that's not a typo - that's what Chloe calls Grandma - we told her "Say Grandma" and she shook her head no and said, "Grandpa" - She is SPICY!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Happy to have you back in Orange City safe. Should be interesting to hear all about you journey.Sorry your plans did not work out for you.
Mr. Brian

Sandra said...

Glad you made it back safe :)

Thanks for sharing the pics, I love all of them, looks like everyone had a blast :)

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