Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I got tagged so here goes:

What were you doing.....

20 years ago.... (wish I could say I was just being born - but not quite!!!) I was almost a sweet sixteen - (whew - I'm younger than I thought!!) Who knows what I was doing - working part time in a Christian Bookstore - (I've always loved to be surrounded by books!) - going to High School - well, I would have been on summer break right now - probably sleeping in - doing chores in the morning, and spending my afternoons with friends and working. What a life, huh?!?! Oh yes - and driving my Chevette all over town while squirting wrestlers ( they were attending a wresting camp at our local university) with squirt guns - just when they thought we'd give them a ride - (those were my crazy days - hope my kids never do that!!)

10 years ago....My oldest, Micah, had just turned 1 in April - we were loving on that little guy - as only you can with your first - and now would have been ready for our second - Caleb - due in September of this year. Whew - looking back I am not sure how we did it - Joe was working full time, attending seminary part time, and I was trying to supplement our income by teaching after school/Saturday morning classes. We were living in Grand Rapids, Michigan in a townhouse and actually getting ready to move to yet another larger townhouse.

5 years ago....We had moved to Iowa by now and were settling into our lives here. The boys were keeping us busy along with church responsibilites, Joe's job, and now, my part time job as our local Children's Librarian.

3 years ago....We had begun our process of working toward adopting Chloe. (Yes, we had a slow process - we got her after over a year and a half of waiting.) We were still knee-deep in kids, work and church. AND all of our boys had begun hockey - that'll keep you busy!!

1 year ago....We had just finished celebrating Chloe's arrival here. We brought her home in April so we were settling in and I had just had to leave her with a sitter for the first time as I had to start on our Summer Reading Program at our library (only part time days, but it was still hard to leave her!!!). She was still getting up probably once a night but otherwise we were settling in!!! (We may have even had her off the bottle by then - it all blends together!!!)

Yesterday....We began our Summer Reading Program again - this is my busiest time of year - I worked almost 10 hours yesterday alone - YIKES!!! So, we are juggling my busy job, the boys summer REC activities, and a new sitter this summer. The boys are at the pool every afternoon while I am frantically trying to make the most of a few quiet hours to get house things done.

Today....Back to the Reading Program but I only worked 4 hours and then came home. Chloe decided today was a not a great day for a nap so we spent a lot of time together this afternoon and consequently, I didn't get much done except read, play and watch Dora!!! I spent the evening helping my husband outside in the yard - I was watering flowers, pulling weeds - you know the routine - I love to help outside though!!!

Tomorrow....You got it - Summer Reading Program again!!! Then, when I get off work, we have two important meetings - tomorrow needs to be covered in prayer!!! Well, everyday should be covered in prayer right?!?!

Wow - makes you think!!! SO - now I tag Sara and Verna!!!! Go Girls!!


Jenny said...

Awesome, Becky!! : ) I didn't know you are a librarian! How cool is that. It is one of our favorite destinations. Our adoption process took the same amount of time! When is your birthday? Mine is July 7th.

Beckyb said...

Mine is Dec. 16.

When you are harvesting your crops and forget to bring in a bundle of grain from your field, don't go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigners, orphans and widows. Then the LORD your God will bless you in all you do.
~Deuteronomy 24:19

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