Friday, June 16, 2006

A Little Naughty - A Little Nice

Well - we have had a day!!! Mom is trying to be productive and Chloe is trying to be 2!!! While I was organizing closets - I was calling, "Chloe, where are you?" After a few minutes of that I decided to find her myself. I went looking and here is where I found her.

Yes - she found the chip cupboard!! Those are definately some of her favorites but it wasn't lunchtime!!!

BUT - the good part of the day is that Chloe just told me she had to go potty and so I sat her on the potty and within minutes she had gone!!! We have done this many times lately but usually no potty - so we are flying high - we all had to clap and cheer (yes, she had to call the boys upstairs and tell them too) and then have a couple of M&M's!! Wouldn't it be nice for that to continue?!?! Not even 2 yet - that is a record in the Bilby house!!! :) Just had to share! Even if she doesn't do it again soon - we are glad it happened once!!


Verna said...

Woooohooo on the potty!! Clapping here in Minnesota. We had our second potty yesterday and it's such a great thing.
Must tell you that we keep our chips in a locked cupboard. ;)

Jenny said...

Yay for the potty! And a girl after my own the cheesy pringles. : )

Stefanie said...

We have to keep the pretzels and Tostidos in a high cupboard! And if Sophia think BBQ chips are available......LOOK OUT!!!! ;)

Beckyb said...

See - all these little Hunan girls are spicy!!! :) Becky

Jenny said...

Bahaha, and Doritos- the nacho ones are a hit as well!

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