Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Look Who's Two!!

The Birthday Girl!!
These were Chloe's first words this morning, "Birthday!!" Gotta love it!! Then she promptly went potty in the potty chair AGAIN - we are on a roll. We love it and yet, it's sad too - she's growing up way too fast!!
We'll share some pictures of her birthday -
See my new bracelet!
She is ALL GIRL!! Purses, bracelets - you name it!!
My Princess skirt that plays music when I put it on - I knew what to do with it!!! That girl's got rhythm!!
Loved these fruits and veggies - I wanted to take them all to bed!!
Chloe and her brothers!!


Sophia said...

A skirt that plays music???? Where did your Mom find that? I want one for my birthday too!! ;)
Hugs and kisses to the birthday girl! XOXOXOXO

Verna said...

Hugs and kisses from uppa nort.

Beckyb said...

That skirt is a hoot - I actually saw it at a Do - Re- Mi Party - it's a home-based party business that sells Kindermusik stuff. I'm sure you have a rep out by you that would love to sell you one - I had a party and got it free - that's a bonus!!! She loves it!! It comes with a book and CD too.

We had a fun day - thanks for all of the congrats!!

Sophia - yours is coming soon!

Mom and Chloe

Jenny said...

HAPPY Birthday!!!!!

She is sooooo sweet.

Jenny (and the rest of the Markmillers)

Phyllis said...

Would have loved to see Her dance. Tell Her and the Boys Grandma V sais hi and I love you all.

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