Wednesday, June 28, 2006

5,4,3,2,1 BLASTOFF!!

We had our annual rocket launch last night for Summer Reading Program at our library. Our family loves to build and launch rockets so this night is so fun for us - Chloe's even getting to enjoy it as well!! (She could care less about the rockets, but she loves the cones!!)


Teresa said...

How cool! My husband and Peter are going to be setting off rockets on Saturday. His work is sponsoring a rocket launch contest. Rick found a kit that makes a rocket that looks more like a flying saucer. Believe it or not, it's made with styrofoam cups. It was nominated as "Most likely to blow up on the launchpad" by the office staff. Cute.

Verna said...

You Bilbys are dangerous!! Actually, Keith would love to be there for the launch. He wanted to dabble in experimental aircraft and hanggliders in his twenties. I told him I did not want to be a single mother!!

Stefanie said...

It must be non-stop action at your house! How do you do it Becky, how do you do it? Tell us, tell super Mom, you! ;)

Stefanie said...

I's because you are the "Anaconda Mama!" ;) Oooops...did I let out your secret? Hahaha!

Beckyb said...

Don't be too impressed - Joe does all of this with the boys - I just "Emcee" the launch as part of my job at the library. I'm not in charge of the building, loading, or launching - otherwise we might have BIG TROUBLE!!! I am technically challenged in those areas!

Beckyb said...

Teresa - how fun - my kids just love it and it's great Father/Son time at our house!! That and Geocaching - both are dangerous - must be that "manly" thing and danger!!

Anonymous said...

You must have this sweet dear Stefanie fooled good to think you are that good. Maybe I should talk to her.Is she talking about the same Becky I know.
You know I am kidding you Becky. That is what you get for letting me know about your blog. Maybe some day i could start my own if my life were not so dull.
Mr. Brian
Are we still friends???At least I did not mention you and cooking...Opps I guess I just did,.

Stefanie said...

Who cares if she can cook???? After all...she is the "Anaconda Mama!"

Beckyb said...

Ok - Brian and Stefanie - I was afraid someday you'd meet each other - you are two peas in a pod and now I feel I'm going to PAY!!!!! Maybe this blog wasn't such a great idea!!! :)

Stefanie said...

I love it! One click on my tool bar and your blog is on my screen baby! ;)

Anonymous said...

If you are ever in Orange City give me a call. We can exchange Becky stories. Should be a good time. Becky is so much fun to tease.

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