Monday, June 26, 2006

Not crazy - just good with bleach!!!

I have had email comments on how brave I am to put a child in white - no, don't kid yourself, I am not brave - just great with stain stick and bleach. By the end of the dress-wearing venture, we had M&M's, flower pollen, dirt, and who knows what else on the dress - I'm still in process of getting it all out!!! I've relaxed a lot since my three boys - they mellowed me out!!!


Anonymous said...

We sure do learn a lot from those first three, don't we!!! So, now that we know all that, we can just keep expanding our families!!

Beckyb said...

Even if the rest of the world thinks we're nuts!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Becky,i do not think you are nuts, I know you are.But That is why we get along so well. :} :}
Mr. Brian

Stefanie said...

What about me? I've got 6 and want to go back to China again? Let's talk about "nut's"! :)

Beckyb said...

No Stefanie - we're going to call you as the wise one when we're ready to "commit" ourselves!!! :)

Jenny said...

I totally do not think you are nuts....and I think about adopting again...sheesh...all the time!

When you are harvesting your crops and forget to bring in a bundle of grain from your field, don't go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigners, orphans and widows. Then the LORD your God will bless you in all you do.
~Deuteronomy 24:19

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