Saturday, December 02, 2006

Proud Hockey Mom

Another hockey weekend over - we had a game last night, one had practice today and another had two games today!! Keeps us hopping but we have fun! Even Chloe with her "Chix with Stix" sweatshirt gets into the action. Today she kept yelling, "Caleb, see me???" (from way up in the stands - doubt he saw her but it was cute!!

All of them play hard and we love to see that! (Hey, what else would we do with all that testosterone over here?!?!?) Last night Micah even made a goal - must say we were proud - it's fun to see them do something they really enjoy and THEN do well at it!!!


Anonymous said...

That is great to hear how much they enjoy hockey. It sure beats sitting on the couch watching tv or playing on the computer all day.
I bet the reason Micah made that goal last night was because of the WONDERFUL TASTY creamed tuna he had for lunch yesterday. And you thought it was not so good. I guess it goes to show Joe does know what he is doing......(on occasion).
HEHEHE just love kidding you young kids.
Mr. Brian

Steffie B. said...

Love the sweat shirt for Chloe! Way to cheer those brothers on! And.....I agree with Mr. must have been the tuna.

nikki said...

Hey Beck!
I have e-mailed you several times and they keep being returned.
I am desperate to get ahold of ya.Can you e-mail me please?

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