Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Princess Pull-Ups

Am I ever grateful for Princess Pull-Ups - well, so far, anyway!! We have tried Dora panties, fancy panties- ok whatever else is out there too - and to this point, she seems to always miss the potty - she goes and then tells me she has to go!! We decided to try Pull Ups - I don't think we used them with any of our boys, but it's always worth a try! So we went out and bought Princess Pull Ups - yesterday - she stayed dry all day and today so far as well!!!! She told me this morning after being in her diaper all night - and you must picture a fervent 2 yr. old saying this, "Oh Mommy - my princess pants - I missed them SO much!! I LUV my princess pants!!" Hey, if they work, I don't care how corny they are! We just don't want to get the princess wet!!!!


Jenny said...

Katie was the same way! They have "bootiful" (Katie Mei word) Princess's on them. : )

Steffie B. said...

Look at my latest post. We are obviously on the same journey! Yes.....I have several Dora and princess panties to shoose from as well! :) WHATEVER WORKS!!!!

nikki said...

OK! I am sold! Maybe some princess pull ups will be in Lily's stocking this year.
(We still haven't started this potty training thing.)
I am procrastinating big-time here.
But, she does love all things princess, so it just might work!

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOLOL,I love it!!!!
Maybe I should try thr Princess pull ups at work. May make the job much better. Worth a shot I think.
Mr. Brian

Emmie said...

That's great Becky! ;) As mom said we're working on the whole potty training with Sophia as well. The only thing is she'll tell me she has to go and, you know the drill, I drop everything and run to her and strip her down quick, and then she won't have to go anymore. That's the only thing that sometimes drives me crazy.

Anonymous said...

I wish they would of had them back when I was potty training. Could you just see Joe in Elmo training pants or what ever else is out there for little boys. Love Mom V.

libgran said...

Wow! The things they make these days for kids. Just not fair. I know when I was potty training my kids we only had pull up CLOTH underwear. And my daughter was the worst to train anyway. One time I caught her trying to go just like the boys did. Needless to say that was a nice mess. But have hope. Chloe won't be carrying a diaper bag to school with her...or church for that matter. She'll catch on quickly I'm sure.

The Shocks said...

We have been working with Hannah on this for a while. She does really good at daycare but not always at home. tonight she went to the bathroom and pooped. later she was sitting with me on the couch and got the look. Unfortunately she had the cloth training pants on.

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