Friday, December 01, 2006

Favorite Photo Friday

Well - wasn't sure what I was going to post until about 10 minutes ago - I knew it had been awfully quiet - I was cleaning so industriously and I went into the living room and here was Chloe......

Hmmm, she found the presents - yes, it was hers too but don't worry Grandma - she never got the box open!!!! I told her I had to get the camera to show Dad how she was naughty - well, what else could I say - I couldn't tell her it was so funny I had to take a picture!!!!
UGH - my least favorite part about Christmas - wrapping presents - looks like I'll have extra chances to get even better!!!


Steffie B. said...

What a little stinker! :)

Verna said...


Anonymous said...

That brings back memories of when I was little. I remember faking sick one day so I could stay home from school and check out my presents under the tree.
Not only could I not find tape to retape them it also spoiled the suprise of opening them. And I was a lot older then Chloe.
Anyone else want to confess doing this too?????? PLEASE!!!!!!!
Mr. Brian
Do'nt tell my parents if you see them... LOLOLOLOL

Stefanie said...

Sophia just saw the picture of Chloe and I asked her who it was and she said "Me".......I said "No, it's Chloe" and Sophia said "Co-wee" ;)

Anonymous said...

Poor Chloe...she probably just thought it was already Christmas since her present was there, ready and waiting!

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