Saturday, December 09, 2006

Hockey Mom

Whew - I'm Back!!! I left Friday afternoon to head to Sioux Falls for a full weekend of hockey. Caleb and I went and stayed overnight while Joe and the rest of the kids stayed at home to get our other two guys to their hockey practices on Saturday. I know, I know, I had it rough - one kid - but it was a fun time for Caleb and I - we rarely get much one-on-one with our kids so it was a treat!!! Their team played HARD - it was a tough weekend. We are a relatively new hockey association so it is tough to play teams that have been playing for YEARS, but we did win our last game and the boys were THRILLED - 11 to 1 - I might add!!!! They deserve a win every now and then - they play hard and we parents keep saying - "At least they know how to lose gracefully!!"



Anonymous said...

How fun that sounds.And a little one on one with your son. That will be one of the special memories he will always remember about his mom.And dad having some special time with the others,however his may have been a little more busy.
Glad to hear they won.
Mr. Brian

Anonymous said...

Bravo Caleb--Go Tornados--Go Becky--Go Joe!!!! And a BIG RAH RAH RAH for Micah, Aaron and Chloe. Enjoy, as busy as it is now it goes by so quickly!
Hope to see you guys sometime soon. Love ya all. Connie

Anonymous said...

Way cool! Good job, Caleb (and mom).

Steffie B. said...

It is always nice to get some one on one time when you have such a big tribe! lol Em and I are having that kind of day this afternoon! :) We figured you were gone since you weren't blogging! haha

nikki said...

Big high fives all around for the Bilby bunch. You guys rock!

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