Friday, December 01, 2006

Creamed Tuna????

This is my chuckle for today: Joe came home with large cans of chicken for lunch. An Orange City specialty is cans of chicken mixed with Cream of Chicken Soup and served over buns. So - that is what we were making - Joe opened both of the Large cans and dumped them in a pan with a can of soup. He kept mixing and mixing and they sure seemed runnier than usual. I remember thinking, "Wow, sure smells like Tuna." But I knew he bought chicken so I put it out of my mind. While we were eating the boys kept saying things like, "Are you sure you aren't tricking us - this sure smells like Tuna???" "It even tastes like Tuna." "Wow, chicken sure smells like Tuna." It didn't hit me until I was going to recycle the cans that - INDEED - he did buy Tuna!!! So we had Tuna and Cream of Chicken Soup for lunch - don't all rush right out and buy it for dinner tonight - not sure I'd stomach it if I knew what it was!!! I just had to share what Joe learned today - ALWAYS READ THE LABEL and don't be deceived by "Chicken of the Sea"!! (I will give him credit though - we never buy Tuna in those large cans - didn't even know they made it - I thought the large cans would be chicken too!!!) Oh, and the best part - I put all of the leftovers up in the freezer for another day - hmmm, who wants to come right over for that meal????

Now I'm wondering - do we tell the boys?????


nikki said...

That is too funny, Becky.
Instead of "tastes like chicken" --now the saying around the Bilby house will surely be "tastes like tuna"
No thanks!!
P.S. Your pic of Chloe today is adorable.

Jen said...

eeewww! I can't do warm tuna! Stick with PB&J!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks but no thanks.Love this one Becky and I bet you will not let Joe forget it for a while.
Maybe Mr. Rich can have some with his apple crisp.
Mr. Brian

Steffie B. said...

YUCKY.....need I say more?

Anonymous said...

I'll send my children right over! You can feed THEM what is left if you promise not to send them home for a few days! (Hey, I'll even throw in our snow!)


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