Wednesday, February 06, 2008

7 Things....

Carey, over at Journey to Jaden, tagged me for

(so here goes - but this will be hard - my life is basically an open book!!)

1. I always wanted a dozen kids - yes, both Joe and I said that, then we started having children!!!

2. I don't like driving - yes, I am the only mother who can't wait until her son is 16 so he can drive!!!

3. The only food I REALLY DO NOT CARE FOR????? Seafood

4. What do I REALLY want to do with my life?? I would love to dabble more in computers and programming - HTML intrigues me!

5. What is my LEAST favorite thing to do??? Sweat!!! (Which is why I hate exercise AND summer!!!)

6. I have to make my bed everyday - I can't stand an unmade bed!!!

7. I have seen bodies embalmed - remember, I wanted to be a mortician!?!?! :)

Now - I would love to tag Stef, Karen, Mr. Brian, Monica, Gwen, Verna, and Nikki.


Sue said...

Hey I'm withyou on that hate seafood thing. Ugh! I can't stand it. Must come from having to eat it every single Friday for my life when I was growing up. Back then all they had were fish sticks, I swear,that they served kids. Horrid stuff.

nikki said...

You make me laugh! Maybe that is why you wanted a dozen kids...figured you'd never be able to leave the house (no driving for you!)

I LOOOOVE seafood, but don't eat it very often cuz Jay is not about it.

And, girl, I did this one already!

Steffie B. said...

I think I knew everything except the seafood one....and I will try to do my tag after the are like the 4th person tagging me for this. I think people want to really see how much of a freak I am! lol

Mr.Brian said...

I am there with you too on the seafood thing.UGGH!

girl of a thousand blogs said...

Hating seafood! Made eating in China difficult at times...

Happy Chinese New Year!

Denise C said...

You are so funny!!! I don't care for seafood either.....and I HATE to sweat..which is not a good thing especially since my hormones are trying to do their own thing while my body wonders what hit it! hee-hee! fun!...I know...Too much information right??? ;)
Thanks for letting us look into the interesting stuff about Becky B! I am anxious to hear from you regarding our Home school bond. I am happy for you that the "blog Building" is going so well... I really need to just give in and let you build mine...but I am really trying to learn how to do it myself...not to do them for others..but just be able to redo mine as often as I would like....I think that would be fun!!!
Hugs to you!!!! And stop by when you get some free time!!! I am looking forward to it!

Janet said...

HOW can you NOT like seafood?

And I'm with you on the bed thing. I'm the same.

Kimber said...

I HATE to sweat too so I don't excersie either:)

I love learning these things about people.


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