Thursday, August 24, 2006

Smoothie Girl

Chloe is our smoothie girl - when she hears that blender - she is right there (even when we try to sneak coffee smoothies after she is in bed) - she starts knocking on her door and saying, "Moothie, Moothie!!" (She doesn't put the "S" on the front - it's just "Moothie" to her!!) Anyway- I caught her on camera drinking her smoothie!!!


Verna said...

Hey, I want one of those moothies too. Maybe it's not thunder I am hearing today. Maybe, just maybe it's the distant sound of a blender.

sara m. said...

She is so funny. I want a coffee smoothie too!

Stefanie said...

See........What did I tell you?!?!?!? ;)

Sandra said...

she is SO cute.....I love that she asks for moothie :)

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