Friday, August 25, 2006

I've Been Tagged

Sandra tagged me - and she said such nice things about Chloe that I had to respond!!! :) This tag is about our kids. We are supposed to say three things about each of our children - I know what you are already saying - "Good grief, we'll be here all day!!!" I'll keep it to three!!

Micah is our first-born and has all the characteristics of one too! He is a perfectionist in EVERYTHING. He wants to please - EVERYONE!! And he is my lover of books - he devours them. Micah is an incredible big brother!!

Caleb was our "middle child" before Chloe's arrival. But Caleb never wants to be a typical "middle child". Caleb is the jokster of the family - he is the one who will hide and then jump out and scare you when you walk by. Caleb is our animal-lover. He is also the biggest proponent of adoption at our house - both animals and little Chinese girls!!!! :)

Aaron is our "bright spot." He always wants to laugh and make you laugh - he has many jokes ready to go and if he doesn't have one, he'll make one up. He is also our resident science lover and is always asking to do a science experiment!! One thing I especially love about Aaron is how he puts his needs aside and thinks of others.

Chloe is ALL GIRL!!! She loves anything pretty and anything DORA!! She continually wants kisses and we are pretty sure she makes up "owies" to get extra kisses out of us!! She is an unexpected gift to all of us!!

Whew - that was a lot to think about!!! Now I'll tag Sara,
Verna, Jen, and Jenny. Go to it, girls!!


sara m. said...

hey, you. What are all of these little addition things you are putting on the side??? I'm intrigued! (and need more information as to how to get my own)

Stefanie said...

I love it when you post about your little tribe! Is there anything better than being a Mom?!?!? ;)

Sandra said...

Loved that :) You have such amazing little ones, they're all beautiful and wonderful in their own way :)

Thanks for playing along :)

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~Deuteronomy 24:19

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