Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Good Read

Ok - I am a librarian you know - at some point I have to post about a good book. SO - here it is. I just finished Digging to America by Anne Tyler and LOVED IT!!! I have never read an Anne Tyler book before but, this being my first, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is about two families that adopt Korean daughters and their stories of differences in raising them, etc. Maybe I loved it most because of having adopted - a lot of it "rang true" to me - it is not one of those suspenseful thrillers but a great family story that makes you feel good when you finish it. Sadly enough, it is not often that I finish a book that I feel I can refer onto others but this is one that I have been recommending - it is a winner!!


Anonymous said...

Becky,would I be correct in guessing you read this in the comfort of your air conditioned home?Feels so much better out there today.
Mr. Brian

Cousin Carol said...

Okay Becky, I've put this on hold at my library. I'm #95 so it will be a while before I get to read it though.

Your cousin,

Beckyb said...

Carol - that is amazing #95!!!! Must mean that other people liked it too!! And yes, Brian - I was reading it inside in the AIR!!! :)

Jenny said...

Oh I love a good read....I just finished a book so I needed a new one!

Stefanie said...

oooohhhhhh......sounds like a good book to get! I'm not getting out much with the new baby....but "Brown" visit's us about 3 times a week! Thank goodness for online shopping! LOL

Verna said...

You should share this on the Bethany board. I'm sure there are many who would love to hear about this book.

Cousin Carol said...

Finally got the book and read it this week--Very Good! I stayed up way too late reading it. :)

Cousin Carol

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