Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In case you tried to call, we were gone tonight - we had to run downtown to watch the new Christmas lights turn on! Yep - Mom drug everyone out - in the 30 degree wind - to sip cider, eat cookies, and shiver as we waited for the unveiling of the new downtown Christmas lights! AND IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!


hollym. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Becky!! Stay Warm! :)

KellyVM said...

New lights?!?! Funny that your blog whas the first place I heard about the new downtown lights in OC. Surely our family has let us down on this one. OC had those lights as long as I can remember...25+ years I think.

Sherri said...

Happy Thanksgiving~

Kim K. said...

Happy Thanksgiving! What a special holiday this year with Jada finally home!!

Mr.Brian said...

it was fun.Now if only i win the contest..

Anonymous said...

very fun!!!
i wished we would go see them in the town i was in, but we did not.
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