Friday, November 06, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Ice Cream

Here is Jada's first attempt at an ice cream cone - I'm thinking she may never do it again after this!! Poor kid! Or maybe we just need MORE practice!


Proud_grammaconnie said...

more practice, always more practICE. Very cute.

Love for Lilly Yin said...

Aw...Lilly loves ice cream...matter of fact she eats it EVERY day, but in CHina, she didn't like it....and Lilly has that same shirt.. : )

RamblingMother said...

too cute. she didn't seem too bothered about the spillage.

Carol said...

So cute! Some kids are just messy--maybe she's one of those. At least ice cream washes out easily.

hollym. said...

Isn't it amazing watching our kiddos experience things for the first time?
Jadas such a cutie and really seemed to enjoy her cone!
The girlies looked so cute in their costumes for Trick or Treat!
Enjoy the coming holidays!

Anonymous said...

very cute!!! :)
have fun

amber drilling

Kristi said...

It took Anna quite some time before she liked any thing "cold". Her first cold food that she liked was home made banana pudding and it wasn't that cold. Took her a while to like ice cream.....but now....oh my! One of her favorites!!
She still prefers her nice warm juice over just about any thing! Precious video and adorable ice princesses at Halloween. What fun to check in on your blog as we watch Jada settle in to all these new things!

Wendy said...

How sweet is that... She's not ready to give up yet... The ice-cream will win in the end...

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