Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bilby Recap

Chloe comes to me this morning and says, "Mom, I sure hope today is better than yesterday." I ask her why she said that and she said, "Because yesterday was VERY bad. I spilled all of Micah's BB's (airsoft BB's) and then I had to run upstairs and cry." I was left to ponder that one - so did that make Micah's day bad or Chloe's???

Chloe on Tuesday night at the band concert, "Mom, it is SWELTERING in here." (Yes, Chloe I firmly agreed - but thank you WORD GIRL for the big word!!!)

We took Jada in to the dentist this week - she sat like a champ - even had x-rays!! The girl is just not phased by doctors - she is quite compliant for them! (Maybe I should get a white coat!) However, at the end of the appt. we got the GREAT news - out of her little 20 teeth - 19 need work - that girl's mouth is just FULL of cavities. So my one glimmer of a smile came that it WASN'T MY FAULT this time!!! (I always feel guilty when my kids get cavities!) The bad news - she will be into the dentist EVERY Wednesday in January for an hour and a half at a time. Poor girl - if she liked the dentist now - she may not then!

In case you missed it - we had a bit of drama over the H1N1 vaccines this week too. We decided to get them for the kids and we were driving to the clinic. The boys were discussing the horrors of shots (thanks a lot guys) and Chloe pipes up, "Mom, how come you aren't scared?" I proceeded to TRY to explain that shots weren't THAT bad and that I was too old - they wouldn't let me get the shot yet. She sat quietly for a bit - biting her fingernails - and then said, "Mom, can you just tell them I'm 500?!!" The boys got a kick out of that!! But all ended well - they were all eligible for the nasal mist - life is good!

Dad's been gone again here - we are waiting for him to come home! We survive but it is always good to have him home again!

So there you have it - the exciting Bilby news in a nutshell. Stay tuned until next time.....


Kim K. said...

Poor Jada and her little teeth. I'm hoping that her dental work goes smoothly. The girls are scheduled for the H1N1 vaccine on Saturday at 2pm...shhhh....they don't know it yet. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

lol they are so funny.

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living4him5 said...

Hey Becky!

I know what you mean about cavities...Linzhi's had some work done since she's been home.


Wesley said...

so funny! Anna kept counting down the days until her flu shot as she was excited to get to pick out a prize at walmart on the way home as promised. However, when the actual day arrived she panicked and decided she didn't want a prize after all!!! All went well! The prize was worth it in the end...glitter markers and big picture color book to paint! I think I would start thinking about some prizes for those dentist visits...Jada is a trooper!

Kristi said...

Becky that last post was from me, Kristi and not my son Wesley!

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