Monday, November 13, 2006

Pizza Roni

We are sitting in Pizza Hut - (after a full Saturday of hockey - of course) and the waitress asks us what kind of pizza we'd like - we were still deciding so we sat there for a minute and what pops out but "Pizza Roni!!!" Thank you Chloe - everyone's favorite flavor!!


Stefanie said...

Well, she is a spicy girl after all! ;)

Verna said...

That's funny! Of course she knows her favorites and is quick to let you know. After all, what IS there to think about? It's a no brainer.

Jen said...

Ok, showing my stupidity here......what is Pizzaroni?
Is that kinda like Rica-A-Roni?? :-)

Beckyb said...

Sorry - Pizzaroni - like she meant to say Pepperoni, I think??!?! That's what I thought was funny but hey, maybe she meant Pizza with Rice on it - wouldn't put it past her - she LOVES rice!!!

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