Monday, November 06, 2006

Holiday Traditions

Sandra is hosting a Holiday Traditions post. People are encouraged to add their names to the link and then post their family holiday traditions. I feel like most of our traditions aren't that "special" or "unique" but we do have one that we do yearly that the kids SO look forward to. Starting December 1, we read one Christmas book everyday until Christmas. I know - it gives away my profession of being a librarian but we truly love this one - librarian or not.

Here are a few of our favorites:

The Christmas Lizard by Cory Edwards

Lastly - another tradition we started when our kids were born is we buy each of them a dated ornament every year - with their name on it as well. We had a wonderful lady in Grand Rapids that make ornaments out of the Fimo Clay - they are beautiful - and we still order them from her every year. Just another fun tradition we have.


Morning Glory said...

I love that idea of reading a book a day! We used to get our girls a new ornament each year too. When they got married and moved out, they could take them to their new homes and have a start on their own tree.

Sandra said...

Becky I LOVE the idea of reading a Christmas book every day, I'm SO going to steal this one if you don't mind???

I haven't done the ornament each year thing, but I've noticed a lot of families do and I think that's another tradition I'm going to add to mine :)

Thanks for playing along, I've missed seeing you around :)


Susanne said...

Christmas stories are so fun! We have a great collection and also go to the library. Next to the Christmas story of Jesus my kid's other favorite for years has been "Peef". It's beautifully illustrated and a lovely story. There is also a second one but I can't remember the name of it, but it's not as popular with my kids as the first one.

PEA said...

I so enjoyed reading about your Holiday Tradition and I think reading a book a day until Christmas is a great idea!! When my boys were small we used to read as many Christmas books as we could:-) My mom has given the boys a Christmas ornament every year since they were born...certainly ornaments to be cherished through the years!! Take care:-)

Jen said...

There were some books I had never heard of before thanks for the idea...I may get some of these and read them to the kids. Great Ideas

Kathleen Marie said...

Excellent. We have so many Christmas books we love as well. Thanks for the reminder and we do the ornament a year as well.

Books my kids like include The Story of Christmas Little by George MacDonald, Christmas in the Big Woods, The Wild Christmas Reindeer by Jan Brett, Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus by Francis Pharcellus Church and One Wintry Night, by Ruth Graham to name just a few

Awesome post!

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