Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Games, Games, Games

This is my new occasional post - I was inspired by Katrina over at Callapidder Days. She does a weekly feature on games that they are enjoying and, being another "game family", thought I'd post some fun ones we've been playing as well.

So, for my first game suggestion -

It is Faces by Buffalo Games. We played this for the first time last week and I am telling you -get ready to laugh and laugh and laugh. It is a lot like "Apples to Apples" where you are trying to guess what others would choose, but yet SO different. To play, faces are drawn from the deck and placed in a lineup. Player One draws one of the 174 Impression Cards, which might read "The one who loves being a dentist" or "The one who is obsessed with neatness." All players vote for the face that best fits the description. Other players advance if they match Player One's guess, while Player One advances one space for each match. Play then rotates to the next player. There are almost 200 comical faces to choose from such as vintage female faces, old time male faces or crazy animal faces. It says 10 and up for age, but Aaron loved it and he's only 8 1/2 so you can really gear it down if you need to! We just loved it and HIGHLY recommend it!

You can get this at for $21.95 or for $18.99.
For 3 - 8 players. Ages 10 and up.

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Katrina said...

Oh, that sounds like a great game. I've never heard of it - thanks for reviewing it!

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