Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apps with the Most-est

I am here to share some of my favorite apps with you - after using my iPad for over a year now, and my iPhone for almost that long - there are just some apps you SHOULD NOT be without!!!

*Splashtop - the possibilities here are endless.  This is an amazing little app.  You download it to your phone or iPad and then also download a file to your computer from their website.  THEN, wherever you are, you can log into your home computer, work computer, your boys' computers (hee,hee) from your iPhone or iPad.  LOVE this tool - for things like needing to find something on your computer, troubleshooting when you are not there to do it physically, or even my favorite - when I am at work and have to log in to our computer that is running our Powerpoint display and it is up so high that it is a pain to log into without a ladder!  Yep - this one is a keeper!!

*SpellBoard - this is a new one we just downloaded this week but I am LOVING it!  The nightly spelling practice?? Well I have officially shared that responsibility with my iPad!  This app did cost me $4.99 but it was worth every penny.  You type the spelling words in each week (oh, and also record them - VERY easy) and then your student can practice by printing them or doing word searches.  When they are ready, they can take quizzes and see how they do.  The app keeps track of practices and quizzes so you can see how they are doing.

*Txtr - I get all sorts of books to review and read - and they come in all sorts of formats - a lot of which aren't very readable on a mobile device - without a lot of rigmarole.  So Txtr is a wonderful app for me.  You just download your file online to your Txtr account and then when you log into your app - your book is there waiting for you to read on your mobile.  Only downside I have found on this app?  You can't highlight - and yes, I DO LOVE to highlight!

*Jesus Calling - this is truly one of my favorite devotional books EVER so when it is out for my phone and I can read it on the go - well, enough said!  It is worth every penny!  And you can highlight, make notes AND post to Facebook when the spirit leads!

*Cozi - I can hardly tell you how much I love this app!  Joe and I both have it on our phones - which is quite handy because you can sync your calendars AND grocery lists AND to-do lists.  Is there really anything else it hasn't covered?!?!  So I can add grocery items on my phone and they appear on Joe's as well.  OR, you can type them online and they show up on your phones - I can't even express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Cozi inventing this one!!

*GiftPhone - found this one right before Christmas - you load it on and you can keep track of each person you need to buy for - what you are getting - when you get it - how much it cost - even if it's wrapped.  AND all locked behind your secret password - I have to say - it's even better than Joe's spreadsheets!!

*GasBuddy - This was wonderful on our vacation but it's great for everyday use too - well, in a big city it might be better than in our small town with all of 3 gas stations!  BUT - it tracks your location with GPS and then tells you the cheapest prices of gas all around you - even gives you directions to get there - saves you money and you don't even have to pay to get it!!

*Chirp! USA - since I know that each of you are as passionate about birds as I am - I can not resist sharing this app!  Here it is folks - the best way to test your bird calls - they play you the songs and you choose the bird!  HANDS DOWN - best time killer available - AND you are preventing alzheimer's while you are killing time - can't beat it!

* Taste of Home - I know, I can't cook - but I do love to find recipes for Joe to cook and this app is SUPERB!!!  It's free - don't miss it - all of your favorite recipes from your favorite company!!

There you have it - - - until my next installment of "Apps you SHOULD not ever be stranded without"!!

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Carey said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll be checking some of those out. I'm already a huge Cozi fan...I'd be lost without it!

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