Friday, June 24, 2011


There are some things that I probably never did with my boys - like let them skip through Walmart!! BUT - none of my boys spent over a year working on skipping,
or hopping,
or balancing on one leg,
or jumping.....

She literally has been working on this for OVER A YEAR - and so when she broke into a skip - what did we do as good parents??? Well, grab the video camera of course! With tears running down our faces we watched Jada do something we weren't so sure she'd ever get figured out!! She has come such a long way and we are so proud of our little one that NEVER gives up!!

My favorite part?? When she stops to let the shopping cart pass!! :)


Brandi said...

Congratulations Jada!

I know how you feel. I often wonder if Kalia will ever do certain things, but she always does...just in her time. She will be 4 in Sept. and still doesn't know how to jump, balance on 1 leg or even pedal a trike yet. But I continue to have faith that one day she will.

shelley said...

I do believe that is the most precious skipping I have ever seen. Congrats big girl...quite an accomplishment

ManyBlessings said...

Becky that is precious!

Justin & Vicki said...

WOW way to go Jada! You have brightened my day!

hollym. said...

I'm rejoicing with you and tearing up, Becky! So proud of little Jada, that she never gives up!! So proud!!!!:)Give her a hug from Anna and me, ok! And a hug for you, too! Loved the pic of the girls destringing cilantro.:)

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