Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Mermaid

Yep - she eats this up!! It was our last day of lessons and the girl doesn't want it to end!


Ready to take the plunge!

Here I Go!


Water in the Eyes!


Ready for the Slide...

Super Slider!

My Fish!!
LOVE that smile!!! (Had to show you again up close!)

BIG BREATH (and a laugh!)


hollym. said...

Chloe is such a joy! Did your other joybell take lessons this year? We just finished a week at the YMCA. A free swimming program offered every year called splash. They teach the basics. Anna loved it, too.

Beckyb said...

Holly - I wasn't sure how Jada would do in a large group for lessons but I have been encouraged to do private for her - so thinking I am going to look into that! I think she would love it! That is fun about Anna - I think we have little fish for daughters!! :)

Jess and Tim said...

How fun!! I almost didn't recognize her without glasses! Chloe is such a cute water bug!!

hollym. said...

Jada seems to be growing so well in your family, Becky. You and Joe are fabulous parents and it shows in the faces of your children. I love reading about your family and Verna's. Such a joy!

Makes sense that Jada would do very well in private lessons. I think our Anna would do even better with the private lessons, also. She has trouble paying attention sometimes. Tries to take everything in at once! She is improving tho. Keep up the great work with your family!:)
love, hollym.:)

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