Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Newest Bilby Biker Babe!

Wow - Two posts in two days - I know, unheard of over here but it's been an exciting weekend!!
(I'll share more tomorrow on the other excitement!)

For today - we took Chloe out on the bike she just got for her birthday and started to work on riding without the training wheels.

Getting Instructions from Dad

Little One Looking On
Taking it All In...

Getting the Feel of It
Getting the Feel of it

Pedaling Hard
Pedaling Hard!

Going Down - NO HELP!!!
We decided to try the big hill - here she is - NO HELP!!

Back Up the Hill
Of course, the big hill means a lot of this!!

On Her Own!
And then she was OFF!!! There was NO stopping her!

Dad Keepin' Up
...And Poor Dad had to Keep Up!!
(And Jada never left her side!!)

Sunday Snapshot

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