Sunday, October 04, 2009

Update from the Bilby's

Joe tells me tonight, "Umm, it's been awhile since you've updated your blog." He is right - but WOW - where does one find the time?!?!? I have a little cling-on right now that makes even laundry a challenge! I know that will end soon, but when little one clings so does bigger one - so this mom just tries to get those two to play together! I am sure you all are smiling, and most days I can too, but whew, that is my full-time job right now!

This is how we found Jada the other night when we went to bed - yes, she's still sleeping on her mattress on our floor - bedtime is NOT pretty here yet! But she is SO active during her sleep - look where we found her! That girl can move in her sleep!Saturday we spent the day in Sioux Falls for a band competition. Caleb was SO excited - his first marching experience in 7th/8th Grade band.
(Caleb is the tiny guy there in the middle - He plays the Tenor Sax.)
Was it cold?? Oh my word - and rainy - we joked that Jada wondered what FREEZING TUNDRA she had moved to!! We had her bundled up - don't worry Chinese Grandmas!!!

We made it to church today - Jada did well - played with crayons almost the whole sermon UNTIL the very end when she started dumping the crayons and Mom decided to take the baggie away. Thus ensued a small altercation - but we got it all cleared up before Sunday School and she did well there too. I sit back in amazement when I think that just a few short weeks ago - this little one was in China and had no idea her whole world was about to change. We take it day-by-day and take each small step as a big one!


Kim K. said...

Ahhh....the days of cling-on references. Love it!! I also sympathize with Jada's sleep picture. Our sleep issues with Josie weren't pretty. I've been thinking about your transition home and was happy to see an update this morning. Have a wonderful week with all your special kiddos. Hugs!

Lori Lynn said...

Thanks for the update! Nice pictures.

After 4.5 years, my Sweet Pea is turning into a cling-on. I call her my shadow. She is following me to the restroom. Fortunately, with laundry, she is big enough to help out. She whimpers if I don't have my arms around her in her sleep. Yet, she seems so perfectly adjusted otherwise and she plays well by herself, with her sister and with friends at school. So for now, I am just enjoying our closeness. Bet that was more than you asked for.

Looking forward to more updates.

Carol said...

Yeah! so glad you updated. :) I can't imagine going through all the changes Jada has and not feeling a little clingy myself. Big hugs!

Eight Isn't Enough said...

Great to see your update...and beautiful family.

Jada looks like she is adjusting well and bonding with your family.


Julie said...

Great update - love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

looks like alot of fun!
love the picture. yes it is very cold out.

amber drilling

Adrienne said...

Ah yes, attack of the cling-ons! LOL! Nice to feel needed, right?! Good to see the pics and to hear that you all are doing well. Jada has the most beautiful smile! Such an amazing little girl! Love and hugs from Texas, Adrienne

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