Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Eyes - How We See the World

When you are told that your daughter may not be able to see - that is a scary feeling. I know I dedicated an entire post just to that reality - and how we felt God leading us to accept her referral anyway. SO today was absolutely a God-moment for us - A moment where we saw God smiling on Jada. (Let me put a disclaimer in here - even in the midst of very disappointing news - God would still be blessing us - but today was just a brief glimpse of a positive in a long string of asking God what He would have us do.)

We took Jada for her eye appointment today in Sioux Falls - a pediatric opthalmologist. He was fabulous - and, I must say, so was Jada. She sat on my lap and let him shine his light all over in her eyes, and then he said, "She is sitting so well, let's try this bigger machine." She plopped her little chin and hands up on the chin bar and sat like a trooper - never even budging. So our doctor said, "WOW - she is doing better than most adults - I am going to do the drops, numb her eyes, and do the glaucoma check." He did just that and Jada just sat again. She let him look, prod, and do all he needed to do and just sat and took it all in. I was just so impressed with her. But what was even more impressive was what he told us:
*She does have some iris on both eyes - that is VERY positive.
*That means she does not have complete Aniridia.
*She has both lenses. (our family doctor thought she may not - although he was not sure)
*Her retinas look GREAT.
*There is no scarring in her eyes - they are clear and look wonderful!
*She has not dealt with glaucoma to this point - that he can tell - that is positive.
He wrote us up a prescription and we will take it to get her new glasses. Of course, with a little one, it is hard to tell what her vision actually is, but what we can tell is that she can see - maybe not GREAT, but she has some vision - that is good. (We knew this as well - but we didn't know how amazing it would be that she may be helped by glasses!) We were told that with Aniridia, she would probably not be able to be helped by glasses - so we were blown away. Yep, her little glasses may be Coke-bottle thick, but I am thrilled for her - thrilled that something may change the way she sees.

He also said that even her demeanor about life is positive. Many children with visual impairments cower, are afraid, and just plain would rather stay secluded. NOT JADA - this girl LOVES life and wants to experience it all - and usually ON HER OWN! (That is not ALWAYS good, however, when she WON'T hold my hand in the store!!!) He said she has learned how to function in spite of her eyes and that is key. His last words were - take her home and just LOVE on her.

We were thrilled beyond words - it was far more than we thought possible. God amazes us! And let us just tell you what else is happening this week in Jada's World! (It's like Elmo's world because her favorite word is "tickle, tickle"!!)
*She said "Jada" and "up"
*She signs A LOT - "please", "more", "thank you" - she uses her signing often!
*She can point to her eyes, nose, and mouth when we ask her
*She learned how to use her legs to pedal her trike
*She is running with much more agility
*She is "taking to Chloe" - praise the LORD!! She is finding more and more she likes about her sister and for that we are grateful!
*She falls asleep with less than 5 minutes' crying! (This coming down from almost an hour at the start!)
*She now shows us what we call the "chicken dance" when she has to go #2 - sorry if that's too much information - but any parent knows what a nightmare that is when you can't figure out WHEN they need to go!!!
*She hugs - she squeezes - our girl is learning how to hang on tight! :)
*She kisses on the cheek - thank you Chloe for teaching her that one!
*She is touching the dog now instead of screaming when she comes near. Jada doesn't LOVE her, but she will tolerate!
And my favorite: She hears the phone ring and calls "MAMA"!!! (Atta girl - you know who talks on that phone!!) Ok - she points to my laptop and calls "MAMA" too - sad, but true!

Do we have other questions about her development?? Yes! As an educator myself, some things about how far she is behind where a 3 year old should be - can be scary, but I just feel like with a lot of attention and love she will learn - We are making progress - each day shows us that! I remember how fast Chloe progressed and I pray the same for Jada. In the meantime, we will just LOVE on her - ALL of us!!

We pray that these glasses will make a huge difference for her vision - but I was thinking today too - even if they don't - maybe they won't change a thing - maybe her vision will deteriorate - maybe she will be blind someday. It doesn't change a thing for us - we went in knowing all those possibilities - we expected them, to be honest - but that doesn't make me want to be her "Mama" any less. Each of my children are a special blessing and Jada is NO exception - God shows me that everyday. I mean, really, wouldn't everyone love to wake up each morning and be greeted by "Woo-Woo!!" (Our travelmates will know EXACTLY what I am saying - it was, and continues to be, Jada's favorite term - it holds a special spot in my heart!)


hollym. said...

Wow, Becky!

What positive and great news for you all! It's been so great to see Jada's progress. Hopefully you are getting caught up on your sleep!

Take care,

Adrienne said...

Amazing and Awesome!! That's our God and His continuing work through Jada! She is making tremendous progress and it hasn't even been that long! Glad to hear about the great report! Love the girls matching outfits! Love from Texas, Adrienne

Jess and Tim said...

Go Mei mei!! We are so happy for her! Woo Woo!!! Gabe and Jade will be our cool dudes wearing their new specs!!! Love to you!!

Kim K. said...

This is just wonderful news. I'm so happy to read of her diagnosis and how well she did with her very detailed eye exam. She's such an amazing little girl. Big things are in store for her. Continued blessings to your family.

Mr.Brian said...

well now this gave Mr.Brian the vapors again.Praise god for such wonder full news.
And as for her tolerating the dog I understand where she is coming from And I love dogs.

Teresa said...

That's fantastic, Becky! Isn't it amazing that Chloe needed glasses and it will be a big help to Jada to know that she's not the only one and they're ok! Nothing to be afraid of! (Not that your little spitfire would be afraid of anything, apparently!)

Jill said...

Wow Becky!
WWhat an awesome post! You are such a positive and inspiring person! Great news for Miss Jada!! YEAH!!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

Praise God!!!! This is awesome news!!!!

LaLa said... happy for her and all of you that things continue to go well. Glad Chloe is getting some sisterly love, I know that must have been hard on her when she was so excited about her sister.

I pray the glasses do make a difference but like you said, either way God is good!

Derrick & Pam De Haan said...

I've been following your blog and appreciate all you share - the joys, tears, fears, hope, etc. Celebrating with Jada and her family today the great news received at her eye appointment. Praise the Lord for His goodness and daily blessings in our lives....Pam DH

Anonymous said...

That is great news Becky! I pray that her vision is increased with glasses and that it doesn't worsen over time! My daughter, Josie, is blind but she has "seeing" days. The other day she crawled right to her sister and tried to swipe her cookie! :) And like you stated, the best thing we can do for Josie is to love on her, and we do! Thanks for sharing.

Shelly Nelson

Sue said...

Oh Becky! What an amazing God! Everything about this adoption continues to glorify and point to Him. The things He has in store for that girl. (those girls really)Can't wait to see and hear more. Thanks for sharing so much.

Kelana said...

Becky, it just makes me get all teary! God is so amazing! Not only in with Jada, but with you!! Oh how He's changed your heart and mind!! Praise His Glorious Name!!! I'll keep praying, friend!!

Anonymous said...

Very, very cool news you guys...I'm thrilled for you! That's fantastic. And it's great to hear about all the other steps she's taken too.

Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank You Jesus!
Will pray for God's healing and His will for your beautiful daughter.

Carey said...

Becky, it was great seeing you and getting to meet Jada last night! So excited for the wonderful news!!!

Anonymous said...

that is great!! i hope the glasses help her alot. i love the matching shirts they have on. :)

amber drilling

Kris said...

becky this is just incredible i am so happy for her and for all of you on ALL fronts!! our girl is still speaking mostly chinese (like crazy and man can she talk!)- though she loves naming things in the house in english and knows her ABCs... :O)

Steffie B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steffie B. said...

I have tears in my eyes....the Lord knew who Jada's Momma needed to be...... ;)

Nancy @ momjustlikeyou said...

What a WONDERFUL praise report! God is SO good to us and I can see that in the gift of Jada that he has given your family. Please know we are praying for her and you and are so happy. Celebrating with you!

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