Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Little Spy

In Sunday School, the kids pretended they were spies searching out the new land for Joshua and Caleb. The spy eye masks were very fun - Jada thought so too - she WOULD NOT take those crazy things off. Apparently she thought they were MUCH better than her glasses!As you can see, the spy mask is STILL in this picture too - when I tried to get it away to get a "real" picture - well, we won't even go there! Mean mom!
Just wanted to capture those matching dresses - I am thoroughly enjoying this since Chloe asks ALWAYS to match with Jada. I know it won't last long.


Kim K. said...

The matching dresses are too sweet. Jada looks adorable in her special mask too. Happy Halloween!

Kristi said...

Precious pictures of those sweethearts! Love those matching dresses!

Steffie B. said...

Love the dresses.....Daniel and Andrew like to match too! ;)

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