Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sept. 20 - Guangzhou

Ready to go SHOPPING!!!

SO today I win the award not only was I very brave and had mushrooms in my omelet - I also walked a VERY LONG WAY to shop for pearls. Joe led a few of our Bethany families on a hunt for the pearl market we found four years ago when we were here. At first all we found was jade, but then, with further effort, we landed our pearl market!! But let's just say - it's a good thing it was at least slightly air conditioned - or I'm not sure even us shopper women would have stayed, we were just dying!!The Pearl Master - she was something - she kept telling us she was giving us the best deal! How is it that when you leave you got the best deal and they are still laughing!??!!?

She took her hat off AND her shoes off - she was chillin' while Mom and Dad were pearl hunting!Jada, Gabe, Lily and Anna
Patient Shoppers!

After pearl hunting - I jumped in the pristine lake for a swim.
OK - just kidding - this water is BROWN and GROSS - but I couldn't pass up the chance to capture the local man swimming on this hot day.Maybe I should have stopped and went fishing - he had enough poles! But no, far too hot for that too!Just to prove how hot I was!! Too bad you can't see the red - I looked like a beet! Staying inside now for the rest of the day - this girl just ain't cut out for this!!!


Carol said...

Oh you look so hot! Jada is just sooooooo sweet. It felt so cool and fallish here today. Soon you'll get back home :) Love you!

Ann Marie said...

She is just darling. We traveled in July and I remember the tremendous heat. Even now when it is hot here I always say to my still is not China hot. :)

Katie Taylor said...

Been following you on fb and reading your blog. Jada is BEAUTIFUL! Praying for your family...

Kim K. said...

I'm enjoying your journey I'm getting my China fix each morning with Jada pics. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

i love your outfit jada!!!
it dose look hot there.

amber drilling

hollym. said...

Oh My, Becky!
That is exactly what I looked and felt like in the heat! Only I was NOT smiling! Drink lots of water, girl!!

Sure hope you found the pearls that will fill your hearts desire!:)

KariR said...

You are a trooper my dear friend!

Mr.Brian said...

what a mama won't do for her children. I feel you pain with the heat.Makes me hot just looking at you.Umm I mean makes me hot seeing you that hot/(temp) that is.I don't need Joe comin and knocking on my door whenyou get home cuz I said he wife is hot.LOLOLOLOLOL
Looking at the pictures what is it in like the 4th picture down form the top. Looks like red ballond on red ribbons? What is it.Do tell please.

shelley said...

Jada is soooo cute in her outfit...and in any other outfit. Our gotcha day was 9/18 three yrs ago and I do remember the heat. We stayed in the pool alot.

meremom&dad said...

It is SO great to see you in China with your beautiful Jada!! Even if it is 100 degrees....
Godspeed and safe travels.


Carrie said...

Love all the pictures! Yes you are red!

Faith, Hope, and Love said...

I guess you are officially a "hot mama" today! :)

Love the chillin Jada photo!

When you said you jumped in that water I gasped! Don't scare me like that!!!!! lol

Jada looks so happy. Enjoy the rest of your journey!


Lori Lynn said...

Great pictures! Jada looks great. My Chloe has the same dress, but she doesn't have that adorable hat.

I keep complaing about the heat here, but it is nothing compared to what you are having to endure. I wish we would have shopped for pearls.

Hurry home.

Kristi said...

So funny, Becky! Knowing how you dislike the heat, you almost had me on the "swimming picture"! Love the pictures and updates! Jada is so adorable!

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