Friday, August 14, 2009

Running Water

I had a meeting yesterday afternoon, so I had to leave home for a bit. When I returned I heard water running somewhere. That seemed odd to me - my first thought was a toilet running - but nope, wasn't that. So I kept searching. I just could not locate it - but two things caught my eye - a sweatshirt lying in the toy room - odd for a 90 degree day AND a watering can. Hmmm.....

I peeked outside through the bedroom window and found the water - the hose had been left on and there was water gushing on our back patio. I FIRST, wasted more water and called the kids up to see who the culprit was (I know, I know, should have turned the water off first!!) and then sent the culprit out to turn it off. It was one of those stories where you are furious - I mean how much water we just wasted I have no clue - but the story was quite comical.

Apparently Chloe told the boys that she went outside and she could not see the flowers growing so she wanted to water them. The boys saw that as a wonderful activity for her and allowed her to venture out. She wore her sweatshirt - since that is what people do when they water (even in 90 degrees????) and took her watering can and watered VERY important plants - one by one. When she was done - she went inside - never worrying about the water.....

There you have it - "How the Bilby's Wasted 85 Gallons of Water in one Day" OR "When the Cat's Away...."


Mr.Brian said...

I love it,finaly a Bilby whoi may just give the parents a run for their money.
The sweat shirt makes it even funnier.What a hoot that girl is.

Anonymous said...

lol that is alot of water. that is way funny that she wore her sweatshirt.

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